€ 3,500 grant for future college students with a scientific profile

The Anna and Frédéric Potter Endowment Fund has been launching a new round of scholarship applications for the most talented high school students who want to start their scientific training this year, but cannot afford it. This fund, created by the Anne and Frédéric Potter in 2019, aims to help students from humble circumstances encourage them to study in preparatory classes and then in engineering school. In 2020 and 2021, it has already awarded a number of grants and supported young talents in their projects.

Equal access to education for all

Access to higher education remains unequal, especially due to social background (only 7% of science students come from working-class families) or geographical location (only 9.5% of university graduates are located in cities with 20 to 100,000 inhabitants).
The goal of the Potter Fund is therefore to achieve higher education accessible to everyone by awarding scholarships to talented students who do not have sufficient resources to carry out their study project. The fund thus follows the recommendation of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, which in 2019 called on Grandes Ecoles to develop their social openness and facilitate access to gifted students of all backgrounds.
“State scholarships are not enough to cover all the costs needed to study in the preparatory classes. However, in these elective courses, you must be in the best condition to have the ability integrate large schools. We want to contribute to remove the financial barrier which can prevent a great student from entering the best preparatory classes, ”says Frédéric Potter. “Preparatory lessons are a great springboard for the young scientific talent we need more than ever to meet the challenges of society. We hope with this device unleash the ambitions of motivated and talented young girls and boys “Adds Anne Potter.

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Conditions that must be met to receive a scholarship

To be eligible for a grant from the Fund, applicants must submit and online file. These will be studied and selected according to academic and social criteria which can be found on the fund’s website. After online selection and individual interviews, the winners will be awarded a personalized scholarship. Quantity scholarships are calculated according to personal situation and daily expenses each student (housing, transport, food, etc.)

What does the fellow benefit from? Opinions of previous scholarship holders

The 27 scholarship holdersof the first two actions supported by the fund, thus benefiting from scholarships averaging € 3,500. Some have incorporated reputable preparatory classesas Thomas, a native of Gaillac, who enrolled in Marcelino Berthelot High School in St Maur des Fossés in the MPSI sector, who testifies: “The Potter Foundation has provided me with real psychological support, especially since I did not go there. you don’t have to worry about financial worries “.
Audrey, the winner from Val-de-Marne, currently a student at Louis Le Grand, adds: “The Frédéric Potter Foundation really helped me find my way. We had a lot of discussions during the selection of the course. I was hesitant in choosing the school and decided after discussing with the fund. I do not regret my decision today. Fortunately, they helped me, for which I thank them in addition to financial help. “

Scholarship registration files are completed at from January 15, 2022 to April 3, 2022.

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