Disabled college students: you’ll need to carry a finger to be eligible for dwelling training

The bill confirming respect for the principles of the republic stipulates that the right to provide home education is subject to authorization. A difficult pill for these parents of handicapped children, who have no choice but to provide education at home. Because their daughter or their son was expelled from school for lack of support, a place in Ulis or an adapted orientation.

Gwénaëlle Journet is worried about next school year. However, since she decided to teach her handicapped son at home four years ago, everything is going as she should. A ten-year-old boy has Joubert’s syndrome. This genetic disease affects its cognitive and motor abilities. ” Nathan moves at his own pace “He welcomes his mother.”

What worries him, however, is Article 21 of the law, which confirms respect for the principles of the republic. It makes it difficult to learn from home.

Today a simple fact sheet

So far, that’s right. ” Compulsory school attendance can be provided either in public or private facilities or schools, or in families “, Provides for Article L131-2 of the school regulations. In the previous school year, therefore, it was enough for Gwénaëlle Journet to send an information letter to her town hall and academic management.

Request for authorization tomorrow

However, if the text passes as it is, it will have to obtain the consent of the National Education System. The government really wants to rewrite Article L131-2 as follows: ” Compulsory education is provided in public or private facilities or schools. By way of derogation, it can also be issued in a family with a permit. »

In other words, if you want to opt out of school education, you will need to obtain permission from the academic authorities. “Explained Jean Castex, v The world. Real mode change.

“One more administrative step! »

Nathan advances at his own pace, at home.

It is true that the bill sets out the reasons that led to this exception. It includes, inter alia the child’s medical condition or disability “.” At best, it will be just one extra administrative procedure! points out Gwénaëlle Journet. With the risk of long processing times.

However, it can turn into an obstacle », he is afraid. On the basis of what criteria will National Education grant a permit? Will she be able to consider that the child would be better in Ulis or IME?

“We had to look for alternatives at school. »

For the first three years of kindergarten, Nathan was enrolled in a school next door. With the announcement of 25-hour support from AESH … which he never really benefited from. ” Because classroom education was unsuccessful, we had to look for alternatives to school “The mother remembers.

Ulis? ” Inappropriate because Nathan needs individual monitoring “. IME?” Too far and not in line with our wishes. Homeschooling remained. ” Recommended by the Academy Inspector! »

Double filling and humiliation

“VSHow will the government explain to parents of students with disabilities who have no choice but to have a home education that they have to apply for a permit? ? asks Marion Aubry, vice president of Toupi, an association for the inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities. It’s humiliation. »

For these mothers and fathers, there is a double side to the pain, approves Bénédicte Kail, APF France’s National Disability Education Adviser. The school no longer wants their child. Or oriented in IME, but there is no place … And yet they will have to apply for an exemption from home school. It’s violent! »

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