Citizen Coaching: En Tous Lettres launches OpenChabab

The Casablancan publishing house En Très Lettres is organizing a meeting around its flagship training program OpenChabab on June 8, 2022 in the Hadaf association in Rabat, and is launching the OpenChabab movement.

En Tous Lettres, which specializes in journalistic essays and the popularization of research in the humanities, has been implementing OpenChabab, a training program in humanities, investigative journalism and translation in the humanities and social sciences, since 2018, announcing the official press release.

Launched with a start-up grant from CFI Media Development co-financed by the European Union in partnership with the Samir Kassir Foundation, IREX Europe, FMAS and Leaders of Tomorrow and continued with the support of the French Embassy, ​​this program is aimed at journalism students, novice journalists and civil society actors. up to 35 years.

Five meetings have already taken place: for ten months, about ten young people have been following theoretical meetings on (Social Diversity and Equal Opportunities, , practical lessons on investigative journalism methods, followed by practical field application and online restitution. The sixth part consisted of a joint translation workshop. In total, almost sixty young people have benefited from this program, which is provided by a network of publishing experts made up of experienced journalists, university researchers and civil society representatives.

“En Tous Lettres is launching the OpenChabab movement today to continue and develop it. In addition to the initial topics, it plans to refrain from training in subjects of public benefit, such as the environment, migration, the place of childhood, “the press release continues.

“Without real work on values, our companies will never be able to take the course of modernity,” believes Hicham Houdaïfa and Kenza Sefrioui, the initiators of the project. Former journalists from the Weekly Journal and co-founders of En Très Lettres believe that “it is impossible to predict the future without in-depth thinking about what can emancipate an individual and a citizen, what can set people free. forces of society ’.

OpenChabab fights misinformation, devastation of fake news and other conspiracy theories, but also against obscurity and inequality. The proposed topics, which are addressed by a network of publishing experts who have been working on these topics for ten years, address the dividing lines in society and stimulate discussion. The program also aims to strengthen the link between the press and civil society by bringing together young people trained in journalism but whose experience in this field is limited and young people from civil society whose knowledge in this area provides a strong vision for societal challenges but lacks the tools to promote their work and best practices.

Finally, OpenChabab is an incubator for authors for publishing. Thanks to tandem between a young person and an experienced journalist, three collective works Migrations au Maroc: l’impasse? (Proceedings of the Surveys, 2019), Morocco: Climate Justice, Social Emergencies (Proceedings of the Surveys, 2021) and Proceedings of Modern Moroccan Culture (1917 – 2004), which has just been published in the Proceedings. A fourth book on the professions of discrimination is being prepared. The publishing house, a member of the International Alliance of Independent Publishers, has indeed committed itself to more open and inclusive publishing and considers the production of collective works to be the main focus of its work.

In March 2019, the project won the Rive Sud de la Méditerranée Media and Information Education Award, given at the International Press Conference in Tours.

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