Apply for a scholarship final week: who can apply?

Scholarship applications can be submitted until October 31. The award criteria have been simplified, the office of the Minister of Higher Education, Valérie Glatigny (MR), announced in a press release.

The amount of study grants varies according to a series of criteria, 400 to 5,000 euros for higher education; from 90 to 4000 euros for compulsory school attendance. Can you benefit from it? What are the criteria for evaluating bids? New features have been introduced this year to facilitate access to study grants.

Exceptional increase in the income ceiling

the income ceiling for the use of the package will exceptionally increase from 150% to 300% for the school and academic year 2021-2022. These lump sums are conditional. They apply in the event of loss of employment, unemployment, bankruptcy, illness, death or divorce in households, which would normally exceed the maximum income set for the provision of study grants, the office of the Minister explains. A measure that should allow for an increase in the number of beneficiaries. Some examples:

►Couple with 1 dependent child with an income of EUR 49 206.99: a flat rate of EUR 925
►Couple with 2 dependent children with an income of EUR 62,218.91: a flat rate of EUR 743
►Couple with 3 dependent children with an income of 83,445.09 euros: flat rate 743 euros

Simplification in case of joint care

From this year on, the procedure for responding to specific situations is simplified, for example when one of the former spouses refuses to provide the documents necessary for the recognition of the file, the company states. “The income of the applicant’s household is now taken into account when dividing the applicant’s tax liability.. “

In this context, 400 applications were already considered admissible.

Extension of public transport licenses

The lump sum of EUR 50 for the SNCB subscription holder will be extended to all public transport

Scholarships for students in preparatory years

Pupils enrolled in preparatory years for university studies (7th mathematics, science subjects, etc.) can now claim a study allowance to support the transition from secondary to higher education, even in the event of returning.

Foreign students

Stateless pupils and students and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection may receive a study grant in the same way as refugees. To facilitate student mobility within the European Union, current barriers to scholarships will be removed from 2022-2023.

The budget for study grants has increased from EUR 68 000 000 in the original budget for 2021 to EUR 77 334 000 for 2022. More than EUR 4 million is planned to fund the new measures.

Forms can be submitted electronically or on paper.
Information: or 0800 11 869.


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