Enhance the effectivity of distance studying

During the pandemic, the CNED demonstrated its potential to meet the diverse educational needs of the population. So much so that the French state has signed a financing agreement with the CNED that will allow it to develop its services to a higher level. Artificial intelligence, remote sensing, interactive reading, use of learning data, adaptive … Read more

Labor shortages Quebec is decreasing tuition charges for worldwide college students within the areas

Sorry, your browser does not support videos (Quebec) The blatant needs of the workforce in all regions are encouraging Quebec to turn more to foreign students to fill thousands of vacancies. Updated May 19 Jocelyn Richer Canadian press To attract more foreign students, the Legault government will focus on the wallet. Next year will offer … Read more

How you can open your faculty on-line

How to create an online school from scratch? People ask this question every day … What is an online school? An online school is an institution where knowledge is passed from teacher to student through various online services. The main advantages of such a company are: Minimum investment at the beginning: you do not have … Read more

Many Faces of Perfection Journal

Almost 10,000 students are graduating this year. Perfection is here and it comes a thousand and one ways. Obviously, it is not possible to tell all these stories here. La Gazette invites you to discover some of these many faces. We are confident that you will discover others as they learn about their further successes … Read more

The honorary mortgage of Est-du-Québec awards scholarships of $ 11,800

FINANCIAL SUPPORT Solanges Jean, PHEQ treasurer, provides a scholarship to Nathan Couture at the CEA in Matane. Thanks to a public fundraising campaign and very strict financial management, the Prêt d’Honneur de l’Est-du-Québec (PHEQ) awards USD 11,800 scholarships to students from 25 educational institutions in our region. an increase of 10% compared to last year. … Read more

Mathys Ayotte desires to show his price

BASEBALL. Mathys Ayotte continues her dream in the third year of the Baseball Academy of Canada (ABC) program. The 18-year-old pitcher is trying to prove his worth in the hopes of getting a scholarship in the United States. The ABC program, which brings together Quebec’s best players between the ages of 16 and 18, has … Read more

in the midst of commencement, college students name for “deserting” “damaging” jobs

Scene is not newbut startling. Eight postgraduate students from class 2022 of AgroParisTech ascend in one ensemble to the podium of the prestigious Salle Gaveau in Paris with a white canvas in hand. They give a political speech for seven minutes about the reasons that force them to split and not follow “these stores“Presented during … Read more