Within the canton of Vaud, the Thorny Division is searching for a successor coaching

Sunday’s expulsion of Cesla Amarelle from the Vaud State Council suggests that the Vaud School wants change. The Socialist minister will hand over the keys to the Thorny Department of Training and Youth in early July. Possible to the right.

The current socialist state councilor in charge of the schools did not seem to expect such a punishment. Cesla Amarelle, who came last Sunday as the last of the pink-green alliance during the second round of the State Council elections, was crossed out almost 5,600 times on the left lists, mainly by the teaching staff.

“I believe that things have been connected, teachers have been tired, the pandemic crisis has been managed, especially with parents who did not necessarily understand wearing children’s masks,” Cesla Amarelle analyzed on Sunday evening at 7.30 pm.

Lack of resources and listening

At the heart of dissatisfaction: the 360 ​​° concept, Cesla Amarelle’s flagship project in favor of inclusive schools for students with special needs. The reform, carried out at full speed, but an “extremely challenging” task, was noted at 12:30 on Monday by Gilles Pierrehumbert, a representative of the SUD trade union federation, without commenting on the election results.

And the president of the Vaud Society of Secondary Teachers adds: “The discrepancy between the ambitions of this policy and the resources available is quite crucial to the demands we have to make.”

More resources to implement reforms, especially possible high school maturity in four years, but also more listening: “During these five years, there has been a very difficult dialogue with Madame Amarelle, who has heard very little about what comes from the field,” regrets Françoise-Emmanuelle Nicolet, President. Vaud Masters Association and High School Panels and also a member of the SUD trade union.

According to her, “it is not possible to implement reform by promoting things without dialogue and without taking into account what the terrain says,” she analyzes. “Especially since there are several on the way right now.”

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Minister of Education, high risk position

Be that as it may, the head of the Department for Training and Youth (DFJC) is an exposed position occupied by the left for 28 years. In front of Cesla Amarelle, two socialist ministers broke their teeth at the head of the thorny resort. In 1998, Jean Jacques Schwaab was fired after a bad score in the first round. The same sentence for Francine Jeanprêtre in 2002.

For the left, the hot potato must now go to the other side. “I assume that the new majority will want to take responsibility for taking over this file, as it has done a lot of campaigning at school, especially by attacking the balance sheet of Cesla Amarelle,” notes his Socialist candidate Rebecca Ruiz. elected on sunday ..

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The criticism repeated by PLR President Marc-Olivier Buffat at the Forum on Sunday night. “We can’t use the school as a space for experimentation, for an inclusive school, for another French, or for homework when it’s legal,” he said.

According to him, too many decisions have been made without the blessing of the Grand Council. “Teachers and parents like pupils like stability in school. The people of Vaud have voted in favor of LEO (Compulsory Education Act), it must be applied.”

The right, which will have a majority in the Council of State from July 1, does not claim the DFJC at this stage. The division of the dicasteries will be known after Easter.

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Yoan Rithner and Julie Rausis

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