Weak relationship of scientific analysis

The health crisis with the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences has further confirmed the crucial importance of scientific research for the country, albeit only in order to find its share in comparative advantage as an asset of sovereignty. Through the production of knowledge and expertise, research activities nourish and illuminate the development process, the country’s position in the world, the economy and society. The dynamics of research and its level of development reflect the country’s inspiring ambitions on its path to the future and origin.

Growth cannot be reduced to gross domestic product (GDP) and cannot be reduced to capital plus labor, but also includes education, training, basic research, research and development, innovation, technology and inventions. Quality scientific research combined and supported by quality training and education represents a profitable investment for society, its well-being and prosperity. It would only be an investment if it was maintained continuously and according to a clear and planned strategy. A strategy that should give the tandem university a first-class business position. However, what has been noted by several experts and led by the editors of Sectoral Report 2022 (“Scientific and Technological Research in Morocco”) is nothing more or less than the lack of cooperation between the university and society in research and development projects.

For these analysts at the Scientific Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research, a survey of Morocco’s national research system in fact reveals “a lack of bodies and tools to link university and business, incubation and the development of scientific and technological capital”.

So should we not rely on, say, the experience of countries on an international scale, which shows that a university can benefit from the strong potential of innovative start-up stimulus tools to turn research into wealth? It is necessary to create a culture of initiative, innovation and entrepreneurship and to popularize them so that it is part of the support of university research. “

“Therefore, support and encouragement with funding for convergence between the university and society, pooling venture capital, in order to improve research results and technology transfer.” The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 showed how beneficial this rapprochement between the university and the company is for a country that could only rely on its own talents and their innovations in such a test.

Young researchers have used their ingenuity to mobilize their skills in designing masks, breathing apparatus, diagnostic kits, online services … This convergence is even crucial for the profitability of research investment and the appropriation of innovation.

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