“We have to establish the youngsters off the radar”

In 2018, Anne Brugner and George Pau-Langevin lead a deschooling mission. They want to verify that all French children have the right to a normal compulsory education.

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In public and private schools, under the contract, students have an INE or a national student identifier. National education can therefore follow from three years to Parcoursup. For other children, they will find that there is ambiguity. The ambiguity that Anne Brugner has already discovered. Prior to his election as a member of the Rhône, he was elected assistant education at Lyon City Hall. In this context, she monitored the checks of children educated at home, as every town hall must do. “I realized that there were very different situations and I wanted to know the situation across the country to make sure that all French children have the right to education.”

Today, by law, all children who are required to be educated between the ages of 3 and 16 can be either in a public school or a private school, or they can be educated at home. Children who attend a public or private school on the basis of a contract have an identifier that accompanies them throughout their schooling.

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According to this parliamentary report, not all children who are in a private school, out of contract or educated at home do not have this identifier.

“We have a problem knowing the reasons for this home manual, but also the numbers”

According to the Ministry of National Education, there are 125,000 students without INE: 100,000 in non-contractual schools and 25,000 studying at home.

The creation of a mandatory identifier provided for in the law would make it possible to accurately track all these children who have left the radar, the Member believes: “We noticed that the children start school, then they study at home, or then they go back to school or move away … And this monitoring is needed to make sure they’re all still in school.

Better monitoring and better knowledge of places where children are educated

The government has decided to accept the mission proposal led by Anne Brugner, and therefore to introduce identification for all school-age pupils, which is clearly pleasing to the elected representative: “I am very pleased that the proposal is included in this bill. It will allow us to have better monitoring and better knowledge of the places where children are educated. Education has been compulsory since the School of Trust Act for 3 years. So what would be appropriate is that this identifier should be provided to the family at the time of first registration. In addition, some families who do home education require this, as we need this INE (National Student Identifier) ​​to register for Parcoursup. ”

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