Villefranche-de-Rouergue: grow to be a manufacturing line pilot …

He is one of two professional pilot graduates on a production line in Occitania. Registration is open at the Lycée Beauregard.

At the beginning of the school year at Beauregarde High School, which opened two years ago, the Professional Production Line Pilot (PLP) bachelor’s degree is still evolving. In fact, a partnership project is being set up with local businesses so that young people can work in a professional environment one day a month.

Production line pilot, quèsaco?

The goal of bac for PLP is to train automated machine operators or production line pilots. High-demand professions with recruitment sectors: pharmacy, automotive, aerospace, but also carpentry, food processing, steel and textiles.

Its mission is the preparation of production, operation of the production line (control of the application of recipes or recipes, adjustment of production parameters, etc.) and monitoring and regulation of deviations. If a problem occurs, he can contact a service workshop.

The profiles sought are people who like mechanics, IT, electricity, “assembly-disassembly”, team management and “everything”.

Training for more than three years and work at stake

The Beauregard training is organized over three years with 22 weeks of internship in a professional environment (7 weeks in the second, 8 weeks in the first and 7 weeks in the final). In addition to practice, the teaching is divided into two parts. Vocational education: automation, electricity, regulation, preventive maintenance, prevention-health-environment, health and safety training, electrical accreditation, team leadership and production of masterpieces at the first and final. General education: French, history-geography, mathematics, living language, physics-chemistry, physical education and sport.

Personalized and individualized support is also provided, such as assistance in finding internships, setting up student tutoring or even implementing a two-year project.

At Beauregard High School, county-funded equipment allows for complete virtual reality training instruction, allowing the student to get into the situation on the line, take samples, and adjust to results. A fitness line that places a student in the position of driver, controller or pilot. A process engineering laboratory that allows students to work on a variety of production pilots. Finally, robostrudio modeling software allows you to virtually create a workstation and then imagine its design.

At the end of this probacalaureate, a student can pursue a specialized BTS as a handyman or diploma in hand to work in a local company very demanding on this type of profile.

Enrollment of 3rd year students is in progress. They run for seconds until mid-July. Outside the proceedings, registrations may be open until September. The school is available for those interested.

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