VIDEOS – Awarded college students from the Saint-Fixed College campus

Students in the study programs Special Education, Humanities and Diploma in University Studies (DEC) were awarded. (Photo: The Reflection – Guillaume Gervais)

For the first time in two years, the Saint-Constant campus in Cégep de Valleyfield presented 18 scholarships to its students during a ceremony held in the city center of Saint-Constant on June 6.

“This year has made the start of the new school year much easier than the previous two,” said Yves Trottier, CEO of the Fondation du Cégep de Valleyfield. The students were great and the success is similar. “

The school expects an increase in enrollment in the coming years. Extension work is also underway at their study center in Valleyfield. According to Mr Trottier, the Saint-Constant site meets the needs of the population.

“The study center will usually accept around fifty students in the first year, while we have welcomed 150,” he explains.

Laurence Béliveau received a $ 250 scholarship to highlight her perseverance at school, surrounded by her parents.

“It’s nice to have them with me,” she said shyly after the handover.

In addition, they had a smile on their face when they saw their daughter receiving the certificate of recognition.

“We are proud to have dared to ask for help, which may seem childish,” recalls her mother Isabelle Demers. That’s why she did it.

His father agrees.

“I think she should be proud to make a springboard from high school at CEGEP, especially during a pandemic,” says Gaëtan Béliveau.

The city center of Saint-Constant was filled with students and their families and friends. (Photo: The Reflection – Guillaume Gervais)

Yves Trottier took the time to give his word to his parents.

“You knew how to keep our young people, he thanked them. Your support has been extremely valuable to them. “


Saint-Constant Mayor Jean-Claude Boyer indicated that interest in studying at Saint-Constant is present, that an expansion of the university campus is being prepared.

“Studies have shown that there was a great need for a service center, and today we can see from the presence of the students at the awards ceremony that there is a great demand,” he thinks.

The mayor recalled that if students so wished, they could continue their studies at the Saint-Constant University of Montreal service station in Montreal, located in the same building in the Quartier de la gare.

“So citizens can go from kindergarten to university while staying in the same city,” he joked.

List of scholarship recipients

An excellent $ 750 scholarship to Léanne Rheault of Candiac, in the humanities;

$ 500 excellent scholarship for Annie Pier Dionne of Saint-Constant, in the humanities;

$ 500 endurance scholarship for Rania Benalsri of Saint-Constant, in the humanities;

$ 500 endurance scholarship for Jérémy Chassé de Saint-Constant in the humanities;

$ 500 endurance scholarship for Kaël Ouellet of Candiac on the DEC springboard;

$ 250 endurance scholarship for Laurence Béliveau of Saint-Constant on the DEC springboard;

$ 500 Outstanding Scholarship for Genevieve Poupart de Delson in Special Educational Techniques;

$ 500 endurance scholarship for Mélanie Joubert of Saint-Constant for her university degree certificate to become a support agent in human resource management;

Endurance scholarship of $ 500 to Maxime Gagnon of Saint-Constant for his university degree in computer accounting.

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