Universities, a spot the place the thoughts opens to the horizon

The Pope received this Monday, May 9, in an audience of the Rector, Professors and Students of the University of Macerate in Italy. He underlined the essential place of universities, which enable the growth of individuals and thus society, as well as building a culture of meeting.

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Although “consistent decisionsare not always taken in this sense, for the pope it is clear thatthe best investment for the future of the country“is the one who makes society”in trainings, in schools, at universitiesThe pope, who received on Monday afternoon among the audience, students and professors of the Italian University of Macerate, explained that the university is a privileged place of human growth and thus of society, but also of the culture of the meeting.

The encounter between the world of knowledge and the world of man

From a precise perspective, from an in-depth and methodical study of the disciplinary field, but always with an open mind and always for an integral knowledge of the world and man, “The university is – or at least should be – a place where the mind opens up to the horizon of knowledge, the horizon of life, of the world, of history.François confirmed this afternoon in Salle Clémentine.

Horizon thatdouble“, He adds,”if we think that every person, that is, every student who crosses the university threshold and attends it for several years, each of them is a universe in itself. “

Not a macrocephaly factory

Since then, two universes have met within the university: the world of the world, knowledge and the human; “not a man in general who does not exist, but this man, this young man with his story and his personality, his dreams and his intellectual, moral and spiritual qualities … “ Every individual is a universe that only God fully knows with incomparable respect.

The university should not be seen as “a macrocephalic factory that doesn’t know what to do with your hands or your heartwarns François. The whole person must be involved, his affection and how he feels, not just how he thinks and acts.

Flourishing people for a prosperous society

And if that’s above allthe growth of the student himself, who is forming, matures in knowledge and freedom, in the ability to think and act, to participate critically and creatively in social and civic life, with his own cultural and professional competence ”. The university’s challenge also lies in bringing the two horizons, the world and man, closer together and to “from this dialogue the growth of mankind is bornFor the pope, human development can only have a positive impact on society.

In his speech, François also emphasizes that the university is “definitely a privileged place“To develop a meeting culture that goes beyond the meeting in the same space of people from different backgrounds and that does not take place in”automaticThe pope specifies.

In the footsteps of aa great “champion” of this culturePope Matteo Ricci, born in Macerate and honored by the university, the pope invites everyone to join.resolutely“in the manner of dialogue which he considers necessary”at all levels “. By whom “the powers of the world are accustomed to the path of exclusion, to a culture of rejection“He asks that, on the contrary, time be”lost“To dialogue because”it then bears fruit in a bigger and more beautiful way. “

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