“To be a trainer”: out of affection for the career

Maurice Tardif, a professor in the Department of Administration and Fundamentals at the Université de Montréal and a specialist in the history of educational ideas, who faced a shortage of primary and secondary school teachers who accelerated as a result of the pandemic, wanted to help promote the profession. “Everyone has gone through the school, but this experience remains partial, as it only involved the student side. It must also be said that people forget quickly, “recalls the man, who is also the director of the Center for Interuniversity Research in the Education and Teaching Professions. And so he jumped at the chance when the Quebec Ministry of Education issued a call for proposals to create massively open online courses (MOOCs).

Raising the veil on know-how, life skills and knowledge of the profession

Online course Being a teacher: a profession with a future to discover he wants to shed light on a profession that ultimately remains little known. For about a year, the professor worked with Delphine Tremblay-Gagnon and Simon Parent, PhD students in pedagogy, Bong-Sou Moulinet, techno-pedagogue, and Frederico Bellini, a videographer, on this online training, which is now available on the EDU platform.lib.

The training consists of six modules, each lasting 75 to 90 minutes, for a total of nine hours. Each module revolves around one of the 13 basic skills for teaching practice, created in the new framework of professional skills for teachers. “The ministry published this repository last year, which defines what a teacher does, why he does it and what he needs to know,” explains Mr Tardif, who is also the editor-in-chief of this repository.

By registering for this completely free training and gradually following its modules, you will gain access to the certificate, but it is possible to consult videos out of order and individually. “The certificate can be interesting for young people who want to submit a file for admission to university,” suggests Mr Tardif.

Share your passion

MOOC Being a teacher: a profession with a future to discover is intended for young people who are finishing their secondary education or studying at CEGEP and are considering a career path to embark on, or for newcomers who are reorienting their careers. MOOC is based on video capsules, in which the speakers share their passion. “We invited the best experts in each field and several teachers to talk about the profession,” says Mr Tardif. For example, Pascale Lefrançois, dean of the Faculty of Education at UdeM and former dictator of Bernard Pivot, testifies to his knowledge of French.

Maurice Tardif would like to improve the content of the training, especially by adding more video clips. “The pandemic has made filming more difficult, but I would like to add more testimonials from teachers, young and old, and training students, who would say what to teach and how they live this profession,” says Mr Tardif.

Finally, he would like to distribute the training outside the university environment and is considering applying for a grant to make videos available outside EDU.lib. “We compete with social networks and video games,” the researcher argues.

Maurice Tardif therefore wants to introduce as many people as possible to the teaching profession, which he considers exciting. “Teachers are at the heart of what is most important in society: children grow up,” he says. Many also have a moral and emotional relationship with the profession. “Teaching is a human relations profession. It is extremely gratifying to see how children develop, “he concludes.


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