“This development is getting worse and turning into catastrophic”

17:24, 23 May 2022, changed to 15:37, 24 May 2022

Teacher competitions are not full this year. Only 816 candidates are eligible for External Capes in Mathematics, representing 1,035 positions, compared to 1,706 candidates last year. The same observation for German teachers, with 83 claims on 215 positions, half less than last year. This situation, especially pronounced in certain disciplines, also affects very specific academies, such as the Ile-de-France for the first grade. In Versailles, there are 484 candidates for 1,430 school teacher positions. While Pap Ndiaye, the new minister of national education, has just been appointed, there has been a debate about the attractiveness of the profession, and the issue of pay increases in the industry is in sight. Sophie Vénétitay, Secretary General of the SNES-FSU, the main trade union for universities and secondary schools, returns to the difficulties of recruiting and appointing a new minister on behalf of the JDD.

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How do you explain the decrease in the number of applicants for the position of professor?
The lack of competitors is not new, but this trend is getting worse and becoming catastrophic. Before the writings, the profession lost 200 places in mathematics, while last year it was “only” 100, but after the oral. This situation is explained by the fact that this profession is no longer attractive enough.

According to the Ministry of Education, this decline would be mainly cyclical, as since the new reform of the selection process for teachers who have to pass in master’s 2 and no longer in master’s 1. Is this an audible argument?
This is one explanation, but not the only one. This trend has existed for several years, from 2018 to 2021, more than 2,800 positions were lost in competitions, so it really precedes this reform. We are placing more emphasis on the issue of pay, which will weigh much more in this recruitment crisis than this new competition reform.

What can be the ways to reduce this phenomenon?
The first step is to increase your salary. The salary of teachers admitted to Bac + 5 is insufficient. According to a recent Senate report, teachers lost 15 to 25% of their salary in 20 years. Promotion is a measure of purchasing power, but it is also a lever for recruiting tomorrow’s teachers. It is a collective challenge that we must face. It is also necessary to work on the conditions of entering the profession. Applicants who win the competition will be full-time from next year and start a business with classes of 30 or 35 students, this can be scary. In addition to being poorly paid, they are very quickly launched into the depths. Starting under these conditions is problematic.

On April 22, Emmanuel Macron assured France Inter that he would reconsider teachers’ salaries so that the salary would not be below 2,000 euros. Do you believe this announcement and is it enough for you?
We’re quite skeptical because his campaign team denied the numbers a few hours later. To deny it so quickly shows that this is not a stabilized measure. And to paraphrase a former minister when he’s blurred, there’s a wolf. In addition, in this announcement of EUR 2,000, are we speaking gross or net? It’s not the same. We want this EUR 2 000 to be net, we must be clear on this point.

The 2022 edition of the school climate barometer shows that school violence has begun to rise again and has returned to pre-Covid pandemic levels. Is this a phenomenon that your union is also observing, and if so, how do you deal with it?
Since we lived in Covide for two years, we should not just pause over this increase, but look at pre-epidemic figures comparable to today’s. We cannot deny that school violence exists, but it does not need to be overestimated. The question arises: how do we deal with this reality? When violence occurs at school, it needs to be treated that way. We need to move away from a ‘wave-free’ strategy, which is partly a national education policy. Regularly, when we go up such problems, at the level of the rectorate or department, we have a return that was not so serious. School violence often sweeps the dust under the carpet. In recent years, it is beginning to become aware, but it requires enough supervisors and also that sanctions be adopted and enforced.

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The appointment of Papa Ndiaye to the Ministry of National Education in place of Jean-Michel Blanquer is a surprise. What can change?
If we stop at the symbol that this appointment represents, it all has to do with a break with Jean-Michel Blanquer. However, national education is not made by symbolic blows, so it will be necessary to take measures to recruit teachers and reassess their salaries very quickly from next school year. Emmanuel Macron wanted to convey a 180-degree picture, but we are concerned about these issues. And Pap Ndiaye will have to look at it quickly.

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