The primary summer time voyage of Margrethe II in 2022 from Elsinore to Aarhus

Queen Margrethe II spent several days in Elsinore, Anholt and Aarhus and continued the summer voyage tradition. On board the Dannebrog, from 1 to 4 June, the queen stopped in three cities, where she had a busy schedule, chain cultural visits, carriage rides and, even more surprisingly, a visit to the shoe store.

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Return of summer cruises

This year, Queen Margrethe II will take two summer voyages aboard the royal ship Dannebrog, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary. Although these cruises are officially referred to as summer cruises, the first took place from 1 to 4 June with stops in Elsinore, Anholt and Aarhus. The second summer cruise will take place from 29 August to 1 September, with stops in Slagels, Lolland and Frederiksberg.

The annual summer voyages aboard the royal ship Dannebrog are a tradition dating back to Christian X. The annual voyages in Danish waters have made a major event for their government. Frederick IX continued the tradition. and later Queen Margrethe II.

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The first stop in Elsinore

The first stop of the royal ship Dannebrog was in the port of Elsinore. Elsinore (Helsingor in Danish) is located north of Copenhagen, at the northeastern tip of the island of Seeland. It is separated from Sweden by the Öresund Strait and is facing the Swedish city of Helsingborg. The city has about 63,000 inhabitants.

Queen Margrethe II arrived at 10:00, welcomed by a large committee of local representatives. The queen stepped into a horse-drawn carriage to wave to the crowds in the city streets and bring them to the town hall, where Mayor Benedikt Kiær greeted her with a speech.

The first visit was to the Kulturværftet cultural center, located in the former city shipyard. The centre’s library is recognized as one of the best in Europe. During her visit, Queen Margrethe sat next to the children and read a book to them.

After lunch offered by the town hall, Queen Margrethe II traveled to Egeværk, a place of significant territory that serves as both a carpentry workshop and a gallery. The owners work with the idea of ​​connecting man and nature through the art of wood. During the visit, the queen was introduced to some crafts and working methods.

Queen Margrethe II then became interested in science when she met the founder of Bavarian Nordic, a biotechnology company specializing in the research, development, production and marketing of vaccines against infectious diseases such as Ebola. Another visit was a chocolate factory, specializing in the handmade production of chocolate using cocoa beans from its own plantation. The day ended with an official reception.

The second day of the cruise in Anholte

The second day of this year’s first summer cruise took place in Anholte. Anholt is a very small island in Kattegate, which has only a hundred inhabitants. The island is part of the village Norddjurs, which has almost 40,000 inhabitants.

After an official welcome by the Norddjurs, Queen Margrethe visited the viewpoint of the control tower, which controls the entire coast. She learned more about the work of the Coast Guard and the protection of the coast. The queen then visited the family. She wanted to know more about the daily lives of a family living on the island. She met Jacob and his wife Signe. He is a carpenter and she is a housewife and lives with her five children on the island.

After lunch offered by the municipality, Queen Margrethe II visited the island desert, a desert area covered with lichens and heather. Since 1938, she has learned more about the fauna and flora of this protected area.

The day ended with a round table in the port of Anholt. Queen Margrethe II met and discussed with local officials and school children on the island. A musical performance was held to greet the Queen on her departure from Anholt Island.

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The third day of the first voyage in Aarhus

On June 3, 2022, on the third day of the summer voyage, Queen Margrethe II sailed for Aarhus. With its 280,000 inhabitants, Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark after Copenhagen.

Queen Margrethe II arrived at the port of Aarhus at 10:00, and was greeted by the authorities and the choir that accompanied her until the queen boarded her horse-drawn carriage. After passing through the city in a horse-drawn carriage, Queen Margrethe II appeared in front of the town hall, where the mayor and the city’s political leaders waited for her to officially welcome her.

After the reception at the town hall in Aarhus and the presentation of the city council, the city provided lunch around 11:30. The first visit actually took place right after a somewhat hasty lunch. The first visit took place at the University of Aarhus and more specifically at the Department of Molecular Biology.

The Department of Molecular Biology is located in the former city hospital and the building has now been refurbished to house the state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities that Aarhus University has just opened. During her visit, the Queen was able to observe 3D models of the university campus and the construction plans of this new department.

The Queen then visited the House of Generations, which opened in 2021 as a community initiative for children, young people, adults and the elderly. The Maison des Générations is home to retirement homes, kindergartens, student studios and family residences. Upon arrival, the queen received flowers from Johanna Højgård (90), whose granddaughter lives in one of the youth homes and she in a retirement home.

After visiting ReThinkers, a cultural organization in the city, Queen Margrethe II visited the Port Center. It was about learning more about the sustainable development and climate goals of the port of Aarhus. The queen also received samples from Pond, which produces plastics from sustainable materials. The day ended with dinner at Aarhus Lighthouse, 142 meters above sea level. It is the tallest building in Denmark. Its restaurant is open on the 44th floor.

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The second day in Aarhus and the fourth day of the voyage

During this fourth and last day of the first summer voyage in 2022, Queen Margrethe spent the second day in Aarhus. Saturday started in an independent bookstore. This family business has existed since 1905. The current owner of the premises accepted the queen and talked to her about her family and the history of the business.

The queen continued her visits to another family business, where she visited the Roccamore shoe store, where the owner also talked about the history of his shop. Queen Margrethe II then visited the roof of the Salling Department Store, which offers 360-degree panoramic views of Aarhus. The roof was designed as a real urban space with trees, plantations and art installations.

After visiting the Gellerup district, the queen boarded the mayor on a horse-drawn carriage to reach the city’s memorial park. This park is divided into different areas, which emphasize the talents of Denmark in different areas. Queen Margrethe II visited five different areas. In Zone 1, it was all about gastronomy, which allowed the queen especially a late lunch prepared by culinary art students.

In the 2nd zone of the park, it was about sports and the queen took part in a taekwondo workshop organized by the city’s Sports Academy. Zone 3 was dedicated to fashion, where a number of designers demonstrated their work with a focus on sustainability. Designers work with recycled materials. In zone 4, Queen Margrethe II talked to the children about culture, and in zone 5, the queen was interested in crafts.

The day ended with a final concert, and then in the evening the reception was organized by Queen Margrethe II, where she received on board the royal ship Dannebrog all the people she could meet during the last few days during the voyage.

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