the Franco-Macedonian undertaking “ESPLORADO”; Southeast European College attends the College of Franche-Comté

The first trip of the UFC delegation took place last March in Tetovo, where a round table on the soft power of France in the Balkans was held with the French ambassador to Northern Macedonia (see article: Mk / en / information / news-events? id = 2369)

During their stay in Franche-Comté, five Macedonian guests, including the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and Research at the SEEU and the Director of the Institute, Max Van der Stoel, visited the Belfort site in the company of Vice President Samir. Jemei to discover the scientific challenges of the FCLAB and the H2SYS start-up in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells.

Then, during a visit to the Bouloie-Temis campus in Besançon, the FEMTO-ST opened the doors of its experimental rooms. CLA warmly welcomed the CLA by presenting its activities and visiting a media library specializing in French as a foreign language. The cultural side of the program was finally enriched by visits to the Roman house UFR SLHS, the lion from Belfort and the historic center of Besançon.

The workshops, which are at the heart of the program in which the Department of International Relations and Francophonie collaborated, focused on two areas:

1) Humanities and social sciences with a focus on programs in languages, sociology and international law with the direction of UFR SLHS and international relations UFR SJEPG

2) Science and technology with a focus on internet subjects and environmental sciences in conjunction with the EIPHI and TRANSBIO postgraduate schools.

Finally, a meeting with Besançon’s International Relations Department provided an opportunity to discuss the city’s socio-economic and cultural environment.

Next steps?

The partners have agreed to organize two short programs for about fifteen students at uFC this summer.
One in the field of micro, nano and smart technologies and the other in the field of social sciences. Both will allow Macedonian students to learn French. Several TEEU teachers come to mobility to strengthen these programs through meetings between colleagues and student seminars.

Samir JEMEI, vice president responsible for the international influence of the uFC, testifies:

“I am very pleased that the UFC is implementing this project to examine bilateral cooperation with the SEEU, which is in line with the strategy for the Western Balkans adopted by France. During this visit, staff from both universities were able to come together and show the prospects for cooperation in both education and research and innovation. »

About twenty actors contributed to the success of this project:

For the EU: Besa Arifi, Vice-Rector; Veli Kreci, Director of the Max van der Stoel Institute; Albulenë Halili and Mennan Selimi, teacher-researchers; Bujar Sinani, International Relations Manager.

For DRIF: Samir Jemei, Vice President; Paul Marcille, Director; Julia Wyssling, cooperative officer.

For UFR SLHS : Pascal Ducournau, Dean; Frédéric Spagnoli, uFC Student Mobility Project Manager, RI UFR SLHS Relay;
For EIPHI graduate school: Hervé Maillotte, Director of GS EIPHI, Laurent Larger, Director of FEMTO-ST; Frédéric Péneau, GS Project Manager; Abdallah Mahkoul, Julien Bourgeois and Benoit Piranda, teachers-researchers.
For the TRANSBIO postgraduate school: Rafael De Camargo, project manager; Sylvain Béal and Diego Legros (UB), teachers-researchers.
For CLA: Arnaud Pannier, director; Carlos Tabernero, Deputy Director; Florian Chapey, International Development Manager
For UFR SJPEG : Caroline Decoster, RI relay.

For the city of Besançon: Marieke Steenbergen, Head of International Relations

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