Storms and on-line programs don’t essentially combine

Very early on Monday morning, all school service centers in Chaudière-Appalaches and in the capital, the National Capital, announced their closure on this day due to weather conditions. Some private institutions have planned this and have already decided that online education will continue for another day.

Technical limitations

School service centers believe that seeking online education requires minimal training. However, it was decided to close the schools only a few hours before the start of classes.

In a situation where our staff, and teachers in particular, have no alternative to caring for their children, it would be difficult to require them to perform normally. explains Mélanie Charest from the Center for Services of Discovery by e-mail.

Virtually all schools in the Quebec region remained closed this morning.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Erik Chouinard

According to the president of the Federation of Teachers’ Unions, José Scalabrini, teachers are not necessarily equipped and ready to quickly adapt their curriculum for the day.

These are completely two different preparations. We have all experienced a situation with new technologies during our family reunions. We quickly realized that it was not the same to be behind the screen than to be in the presence of people. This is exactly the case with education. adds.

Josée Scalabrini sat at the press desk in front of the microphone.

Josée Scalabrini is the president of the Federation of Educational Unions.

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As the province is accustomed to heavy snowfall, stormy days in schools are common.

A certain number is already planned in the school calendar, and if Mother Nature is more forgiving during the winter, in the spring these days turn into pedagogical ones. Thus, the closure of teaching does not mean the loss of the day of learning.

A hardened plan for the future

The development of e-learning has accelerated greatly as a result of the pandemic. For example, on the part of the Center de services scolaire des Découvreurs, a new directive on telework is being prepared, which should be submitted by the end of the school year.

For the Federation of Parents’ Committees in Quebec, distance education is a tool that could be used in the future, even if the pandemic is over. However, the association wants to prevent it from becoming an automatic solution.

Among other things, he mentions the situation that occurred in the fall of 2021 in New Brunswick. As a result of the strike and subsequent exclusion during a labor dispute with education support staff, the New Brunswick government has decided to turn to online education.

A man in a dark blue suit and white shirt is standing in front of the microphone.

Kevin Roy, President of the Federation of Parents’ Councils of Quebec (FCPQ).

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The place of children is in school, it is the place where they learn best explains Federation President Kevin Roy.

Kevin Roy also calls for clear guidelines on distance learning to avoid over-exploitation. It may be Plan B, but we really need to come and keep an eye on the years to come. .

Josée Scalabrini also hopes that online education will not become the norm. We have seen that distance education is very far from ideal for children. Distance learning must not be the solution to all difficultiesplease.

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