Scholarships awarded to 45 college students from the Division of Mining and Petroleum from WAPCO-Niger – Le Sahel

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As part of its teaching support, the Chinese company WAPCO-Niger offered 45 scholarships to students from the Department of Mines and Petroleum, specifically in sections L1, L2, L3 of the Mines-Petroleum and Economics and Management Sciences departments. This support is reflected in the concrete action of signing the agreement between WAPCO and Abdou Moumouni University in Niamey. The award ceremony for the students took place on Friday 3 June at the UAM Faculty of Science and Technology, chaired by Pr Agary Moussa, Secretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. The ceremony was marked by the presence of the Dean of the faculty, a representative of the Ministry of Petroleum Industry, researchers, the WAPCO-Niger General Manager and many students.

During this scholarship presentation, Pr Agary Moussa, Secretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, shared his joy with the students who benefited from the WAPCO scholarship as a supervisor, trainer and teacher-researcher at Abdou Moumouni University and, in particular, for being witnesses. the signing of an agreement between Abdu Moumouni University and WAPCO-Niger in September 2021. “Today there is evidence that WAPCO is speaking,” he said.

Mr Agarya Moussa said that WAPCO-Niger was coming through the event to demonstrate that it was a society that made social affairs one of its priorities. The Secretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research welcomed this support by awarding scholarships to the best students. He said the gesture would have added value in supporting students and improving study conditions.

Mr Agarya Moussa recalled that WAPCO-Niger is an oil company, this support being the best example of accompanying government policy and, in particular, the commitment of our authorities to support the education system in general and to improve study conditions through infrastructure and resource capacity building in particular.

Previously, WAPCO-Niger’s general manager, Mr. Jin Jinsong, encouraged the 45 winners of the first year of the WAPCO scholarship. “Obtaining this scholarship of course provides you with financial support, but above all it recognizes the excellence of your career and the extent of your efforts and your talent. I send you my sincere congratulations, “he added.

According to Mr. Jin Jinsong, the WAPCO scholarship was created at the end of the ceremonial signing of a cooperation agreement between WAPCO and Abdu Moumouni University in Niamey, a wonderful example of cooperation between universities and companies.

In addition, Mr Jin Jinsong recalled that the Niger-Benin export pipeline project crossed Niger and Benin with a length of approximately 1,950 km, of which 1,275 km in Nigeria and 675 km in Benin, with the Niger-Benin pipeline being the longest and most comprehensive. a multinational pipeline invested and built by China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). “It goes through a variety of complex engineering environments,” he said.

Mr Jin Jinsong said Abdou Moumouni University was the largest public university in Nigeria. “The cooperation between WAPCO and UAM will enter a new phase, where students’ motivation will be constantly supported, their skills will certainly improve and WAPCO’s image will also improve,” he said.

As a responsible Chinese company, “WAPCO has been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities and commitments in supporting local economic development and job creation, and has funded the WAPCO Stock Exchange to help develop” Higher Education in Nigeria, “the CEO said. WAPCO-Niger Administrator. “The company also actively supports local content policies in the construction of the project. A group of local talent with strong project management skills and operational experience has developed, significantly strengthening the talent group in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria, ”he said.

The General Manager of Wapco-Niger Company has expressed a desire to support the development of a partnership between WAPCO and all stakeholders in Niger in order to strengthen the level of practical cooperation in various areas, achieve sustainable healthy development and improve the well-being of the people of Niger.

The Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology at UAM, Pr Saley Bisso, said that this scholarship ceremony honors this faculty in particular and Abdou Moumouni University in general. “This gesture is the first experience in university life and we are working with local companies to ensure the sustainability of this success,” he said. The Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology welcomed the initiative and called on other local companies to follow in WAPCO’s footsteps so that together we can build a prosperous Niger.

The student representative, Mr Mamoudou M. Moustapha, expressed his satisfaction with this WAPCO gesture, which was made possible by the support of the trainers and the management of this faculty. He also wished good luck to this partnership between Niamey University and the company so that they could work together to improve their study conditions. It should be noted that these students selected on the basis of their performance will be financially supported through financial assistance in the form of a grant provided to them at the end of each semester.

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