Quebec threatens to sue the vaccinating residence college platform

A digital platform to help parents get their children out of school, created by a former anti-vaccination teacher who wants to “destroy” the education system, is in search of Quebec, which threatens to sue it if it continues to claim that its content is “certified” and “meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education”.

Updated September 27, 2021

Tristan Peloquin

Tristan Peloquin

MonÉ has been launched in recent days by Carole Martel, a former primary school music teacher who is very active in the anti-health movement. She recently promised on Facebook that she would give children a life “without masks”, “away from the school system”, in which “we don’t care what they teach”. “My benevolent school is […] the first step towards our free communities. To achieve this, we must destroy certain systems, [dont] that education [ce qui] will come soon enough. That health will follow, “she said.

For $ 50 a month, parents who subscribe to her service will receive advice on how to get their children out of school. The site contains many broken pages and promises access to smartphone applications that could not be downloaded on Monday.

The site’s home page states that the content is “certified [et] meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education calls this statement “untrue”.

The Ministry of Education requests the site to remove the reference to “certified, meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education”. They must remove this false claim quickly. Legal sanctions are not excluded.

Ministry of Education spokesman

“The Ministry of Education has never issued certification for this platform and is completely distancing itself from its content and from the team that claims to offer educational support.

“Education at home is right in Quebec, but we would like to draw parents’ attention to this platform. The Ministry of Education can help parents who want to educate their children at home, but this site is not recognized in any way, “added a spokesman for the ministry.

He joined Press email, p.yes Martel said that the Mon École Bienveillante “does not claim to be certified [ministère de l’Éducation] », But screenshots of the site show the opposite.


“If we have sent information to the contrary, we will make the necessary corrections,” she added, adding that she would not comment further.

Collaboration with “Stu Pitt”

Carole Martel has produced several videos for Mon École Bienveillante in collaboration with Lux Media, an alternative medium owned by André Pitre, aka Stu Pitt, an influential leader of the anti-sanitation movement. Some of the videos with Myes Martel is inviting network users to contribute to Stu Pitt’s PayPal account, as well as his Stu-Dio streaming platform, which claims the pandemic is the invention of a corrupt elite.


André Pitre, influential leader of the anti-sanitation movement

Mr. Pitre did not want to give us an interview on Monday. This is not his first provocation about health measures. Last winter, he broadcast several ceremonies on the New Creation Church in Saint-Michel County, where Pastor Carlos Norbal openly violated health regulations banning internal meetings.

Myes Martel recently posted her photos on Facebook with François Amelag, a former mathematics teacher at Jean-de-Brébeuf University, who works in front of schools with a megaphone to encourage children not to vaccinate. His actions prompted the National Assembly to pass a special law last week banning such protests within 50 meters of schools.


Carole Martel and Francois Amelaga

Another photo was posted by M.yes Martel shows her on Facebook with a sweater with the words “Fuck Legault”, which is a trademark of the more radical wing of the opposition to the sanitary measures that Farfadaas calls himself. Last spring, she also took part in a fundraiser organized by the Foundation for the Defense of Rights and Freedoms, which collects donations for court proceedings against government and health regulations.

“It damages our image”

As of September 27, Quebec had 8,291 children declared as homeschoolers. Their number even reached almost 12,000 at the time of the peak crisis in the spring, while before the pandemic it was usually around 5,000, according to the Quebec Association for Home Education (AQED).

Its chairwoman, Marine Dumond, distanced herself from the Mon École Bienveillante, claiming that those responsible for the site had tried to distribute anti-sanitation discourses via the AQED Facebook page.

“It simply came to our notice then. There are parents who are currently choosing home education because of a pandemic, either because they find that schools are not protecting their children well, or because there are too many measures and the experience of education is not good. We are here to demystify legal obligations, but we are not entering into debates on health measures, “she explained.yes Dumont.

“It is certain that if home education becomes the main image of families who reject the system, they are anti-vax and anti-sanitary measures, it damages our image and it worries us,” she added.yes Dumont.

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