Play soccer and research in Canada: a wager for younger individuals

It drew on its history to create a company Sports on campuswhich helps young people go to study at Canada or k Quebec over football. teenager Klement Bompart he is passionate about the ball and is quite talented. He noticed that he had joined the training centerOlympic Marseille and spent five years there. In 2013, then a young adult, he had the opportunity to go to Nova Scotia, Canada and attend the English-speaking University of Cape Breton: “The sports scholarship paid me all my tuition and even my ticket. All I had to do was leave!”

This experience of the young man was so marked that he wanted to make this system, which is similar to that in sports studies, known. “Because we don’t know much about recruiting at universities in France, where high-level sport is associated with real academic activity. However, something very interesting can be done there, because recruiters from professional clubs come to young people’s meetings regularly. That’s what happened to Guillaume Pianelli. Balison, a former member of the SCB Training Center, who is currently the only Corsican to experience adventure by joining the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières near Montreal in 2018. His work has been noticed and he joins the Canadian Premier League professional club. Forge FC, Ontario. “

Detection day on Sunday at Tassistro Stadium

To convince young footballers – and footballers – aged 17 to 24 – Sport on campus is organizing an information and detection day at Bonifacio Stadium this Sunday. “where I had very good contact with the president of the club and the young people who take care of it. This is the first time we have organized an event of this type in Corsica, but it has grown to my heart and some make sense to me, especially since I he just spent a year at IUT de Corte in DU Creatacc (writing and directing) to produce my first short feature film. “

Therefore, at noon on Sunday, a conference presenting the Canadian university system will begin at 2:30 p.m. “It’s a bit administrative, technical, but useful for young people to have at least an idea of ​​what awaits them.”developed by Clément Bompart, whose company has established links with seven universities in Quebec and fifteen in Canada.

A meeting of questions and answers will also be organized in the form of a video conference with the coach. “so that young people can ask their questions directly, more precisely. The point is to leave with as much information as possible.” Then there will be a small meeting of individual interviews and finally a match with the young people of JSB. “This sports part is important because it allows us to create video footage of a young man completing a paper resume that will be sent to recruiters. Few people have footage of how they play when it can make all the difference.”

Then we will have to let the talent of the young people go and be patient, because the integrations will take place at universities in Quebec or Canada in January or September 2023. “Administrative delays with visas of this kind are long. We usually have two recruitment meetings each year, one in the autumn and the other in early spring, to handle all the formalities. Otherwise, we will have recruitment meetings in Quimper and Biarritz this month.”continues Clément Bompart.

About 80 young student-athletes have gone on campus with Sport for one to four years since 2015. Whether the Corsicans will be seduced by adventure and join the program in the coming months.

Pre-registration takes place on the website, event section.

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