MOOC: how to decide on free open entry coaching?

MOOCs are online courses open to as many people as possible. (© Thodonal –

You want to fill in the gaps in your initial training, improve your professional skills, return to English or on a more personal level, learn to play the guitar or do macrame: say it necessarily exists on the web online formation matching your needs.

MOOC (pronounce flour or juice as you wish). massively open online courses (massively open online courses, in English). They were invented by major American universities such as Harvard or MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Today, there are many distance learning and MOOC platforms. We’ll find some In all areas : IT, science, engineering, human resources, business management, marketing, accounting, finance, arts, new technologies, etc.

It’s hard to navigate in this jungle of online training.

Ask the right questions

So there is no doubt about running blindly. Especially since you need time and energy to be able to use MOOC.

Before registering, ask yourself the right questions about offered course content : Does it exactly meet my needs? Do I have the necessary prerequisites? Do I have the necessary time to complete the training? Are teachers known in their specialization? Do they already have publications on their account?

Then check teaching process. Are they just lectures without any interaction with the teacher? Are there practical exercises, opportunities to interact with other participants (forum, controlled working groups)?

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Prefer well-referenced MOOCs

It’s better to decide if you want to choose your MOOC platforms already referenced on training sites. As such, Pôle Emploi has created an online service that compiles well-known and recognized applications, MOOCs and various collaboration tools to create discussion groups by topic.

Not all online training is free. However, there are many mechanisms for financing them. The job market service provides a wealth of information to find finance.

Among the most important platforms are:

  • FUN, France Digital University, was established by the Ministry of Education.
  • EDX is a non-profit platform created by MIT that hosts many online college courses.
  • OpenClassrooms, the European leader in e-learning, offers a catalog of more than 1000 online courses.
  • Google Digital Workshops: A Basic Reference for the Digital Professions.
  • HandiMOOC: 1. MOOC in France dedicated to finding work for people with disabilities. HandiMOOC is a free online training that supports beneficiaries in the job search phases through tools and advice.

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