Koudougou: Coalition of Scholar Constructions Constructions Condemns Norbert Zong College’s “Unhealthy Administration”

The Coalition of Student Union Structures at Norbert Zong University held a press conference in Koudougou on Saturday, June 4, 2022. Journalists spoke about the difficulties faced by students enrolled at Norbert Zongo University.

The exchange with reporters began with a minute’s silence in memory of the people who disappeared as a result of terrorism and of all the victims of the dramas that took place at Norbert Zong University; the most recent of these is Tenipaguiba Tankouano, a first-year MPCI student who crushed at a university restaurant in Koudougou. The academic and social life of the Burkinabe student in general, and Norbert Zong University student in particular, is going from bad to worse, launched by a coalition of student union structures composed of ANEB, FESCIBF, FNEEB and UNEF.

According to her, the evil that UNZ is going through is a consequence of the implementation of neoliberal policies in higher education. According to the speakers, the system would complicate the living and study conditions of students and throw them into an unprecedented exam. “The situation at the university remains the worst in all respects. Whether at the academic, pedagogical, infrastructural level or at the level of freedom, there are plenty of problems, “emphasizes Fernand Wilfried Bazo, coalition spokesman and president of ANEB Koudougou.

Fernand Wilfried Bazo, a spokesman for the coalition of trade unions at Norbert Zong University.

At the academic and pedagogical level, the application of a license-master-doctorate (LMD) system without accompanying measures results in unattainable academic delays and massive failure, students say. “For example, at the Department of Economics and Management Education and Management (class 2018), we recorded 269 admitted out of 1,303 students enrolled in semester 3 in a regular meeting, ie 79.35% failure at UFR / ST in in the Mathematics Bac 2018 sector in semester 4, 10 admitted out of 80 registered students were recorded at a regular meeting, ie 87.5% failure. As for the subject Mathematics Physics Chemistry (year 2019), it is the same sad reality with 147 admitted out of 1,500 students enrolled in the 1st semester of the regular session, ie the failure rate of 90.2%, “regrets the coalition. According to them, the imposition of Decree no. 2019-073 and no. 2019-074 concerning bachelor’s and master’s studies, the sole purpose of which is to empty the university from the “children of the people”. They believe in order to make it elitist.

At the infrastructure level, the coalition’s problem is a glaring shortage of classes, a lack of libraries, laboratories, computer labs and toilets. At the social level, the coalition condemns the implementation of some reforms. These are FONER reforms, assistance, but also transitional scholarships, which require the student to meet a number of conditions. For trainers, these reforms aim to exclude a certain number of students. Lack of food in university restaurants does not remain on the fringes of their concerns. Given this situation, according to the coalition, several steps with the university management were unsuccessful; this is one of the reasons that led to the organization of this press conference, they justified.

The coalition is demanding that university authorities seriously and thoroughly review its five-point minimum platform for action. These include the cancellation of FONER texts resulting from the Koudougou workshop and the removal of recent conditions at the launch of the 1st FONER meeting for the academic year 2021-2022, an increase in the number of meals served in university restaurants and the immediate and unconditional reopening of all closed service points. They also require the addition of ordinary tickets for digitization in the university catering. To these points is added the repeal of Decree no. 2019-073 / MESRSI / SG / DGESup and no. 2019-074 MESRSI / SG / DGESup on the general system of study, bachelor’s, master’s and research institutions in public and private institutions. higher education and its joint and consensual review. They ended with a demand for truth and justice in all the dramas that took place at Norbert Zong University and the lifting of sanctions imposed on a UFR / ST student during the Disciplinary Board meeting on January 13, 2022.

In the face of the authorities’ silence, according to the speakers, a 48-hour strike is again called for on 8 and 9 June 2022. We recall that a 48-hour strike was organized on 1 and 2 June to challenge the university authorities on the same issue, which students at Norbert Zong University meet.

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