is the Jean-Michel Blanquer line actually distant?

16:28, 25 May 2022, changed at 18:15, 27 May 2022


Papa Ndiaye’s roadmap, presented as anti-Blanquer, is clear. The goal is “ continue, go on “Compared to the previous five-year period, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne said on Friday during TF1 news.” And therefore not to go back to what has already been done.

It was a surprising appointment of the Borneo government. Pap Ndiaye, a history graduate, took over as head of the Ministry of National Education, replacing Jean-Michel Blanquer. Former director of the French National Museum of History and Immigration, this specialist in the history of the United States and minorities is presented as anti-Blanquer, who opposes concepts such as “Islamic Leftist” Where “wokizmus”, yet the peaks of its predecessor. 180 degree turn on rue de Grenelle? If Papa Ndiaye’s appointment seems to distance himself from the Blanquer era, some elements weaken this observation.

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A relative of Blanquer as Chief of Staff

First of all, a close friend, Jean-Michel Blanquer, is approached to become the head of the cabinet of the new Minister of Education. This is Jean-Marc Huart, current rector of the Nancy-Metz Academy. From 2017 to 2019, he was the General Director of School Education together with Jean-Michel Blanquer. “They have a real ideological closeness and mutual respect. It was rare to see them in conflict. “said one of his relatives Express
, about a relationship between two men. Arrival “considered a symbol of a return to macronistic and Blanquer foundations”deciphered in The world
, Sophie Vénétitay, SNES-FSU Secretary General. Jean-Marc Huart, accustomed to the functioning of national education, could thus support Papa Ndiaye, a novice in this field.

Implementation plan

Pap Ndiaye will also have to implement the program announced by Emmanuel Macron, who has made education one of the strong themes of his campaign. The return of mathematics to secondary schools in the common core, the autonomy of the heads of facilities, the reassessment of teachers’ salaries according to the mission … Proposals approved by Jean-Michel Blanquer, which should be maintained despite his departure from the government. During her speech on the TF1 news program last Friday, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne assured that the mission of the new minister is “keep going”. “Pap Ndiaye is here because he shares with Jean-Michel Blanquer the goal of offering our children excellence and equal opportunities. And I think it embodies it. “she added.

Common symbols

On his first trip, Pap Ndiaye went to Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, a colleague from Bois-d’Aulne, where Samuel Paty, a history professor who was assassinated by a jihadist in October 2020, worked. “It is a republic that wins, despite everything” wanted to submit as a message.

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A dash between these two men? “Samuel Paty is forcing us to be vigilant about our values, and this vigilance against our values ​​is now your guarantor.”Jean-Michel Blanquer hinted at his successor last Friday during the transfer of power. Pap Ndiaye also paid tribute “his fellow historian” on this occasion.

Agreement on the speech of Mureaux

The ambition of continuity was also confirmed by Emmanuel Macron himself, who assures that the academic is a “universal” how could Jean-Michel Blanquer be. According to information from Figaro
During a meeting with the president to discuss the appointment, Pap Ndiaye assured the re-elected president of his agreement with Les Mureaux’s speech and the philosophy of the anti-separatism law. The head of state would also add that the role of the new Minister of Education was not to cancel the reforms of the previous five-year period, but to ensure the proper implementation of what was announced.

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