In Extenso hires greater than 1200 workers!

At Extenso, a leading accountant in accounting and consulting for VSE-SMEs, it employs more than 1,200 people, mainly in the accounting, auditing and payroll professions, to support the activities and development of its 110,000 customers.

To support its growth momentum, the group is hiring 1,200 new employees in France this year, including students, young employees and more experienced profiles. Of the 1,200 positions to be filled, about 300 will be dedicated to work students.

More generally, the required profiles come from accounting, auditing, payroll and law. The group is also looking for business start-up experts, financial analysts, HR, marketing and communication and IT specialists. Targeted trainings are diverse with courses BTS, DCG, DSCG, Master CCA, Business Schools, IAE, DEC …

There are opportunities for junior candidates looking for their first job after graduation. If experienced profiles (from 3 years of experience) are always sought, bids are also offered to more confirmed candidates, in the DEC graduation process or already to graduates who have prospects for office or ‘association.

In addition, digital skills, such as automated data management, are valued especially in a sector where the digital transformation has accelerated due to the health crisis and the massive use of teleworking. The relationship with the customer is also important and interpersonal qualities such as empathy and conviction are important.

Specific skills are also sought for In Extenso subsidiaries, such as In Extenso Growth and Innovation, which recruit 120 innovation and CSR consultants, or the FULLL software publisher, which employs almost 100 staff with developers and engineers.

Dynamic and agile HR policy to attract talent

In the context of employment tensions, which have been affecting the accounting, auditing and payroll professions for several years, In Extenso is innovating its human resources management methods to increase its attractiveness to employers.

The In Extenso Group offers its 5,500 employees in its 250 branches the opportunity to work remotely and work in a work environment that supports entrepreneurship and innovation.
In order to meet its commitments and offer a working environment in line with its values ​​and aspirations, the group adopted in 2021 the goal: “In Extenso: A player in business development, the dynamics of territories and the achievement of everyone”. As part of this raison d’être, In Extenso has prepared a training plan for its employees that will allow them to develop in the group, with an average life expectancy of more than 8 years.

Finally, In Extenso, in order to continuously improve its CSR policy, has just launched the Lucie Labeling process at national level to ensure access to a set of best practices shared with teams, partners and clients.

“The attractiveness of our professions is a real challenge and the image needs to be dusted off as our professions evolve: they are becoming more digital and increasingly inclined to a strategic advisory role in the lives of companies. I would like to greet the teams that implement numerous initiatives to enable employees to develop fully within our group and offer real career prospects, ”said Antoine de Riedmatten, President of ‘Verbatim.

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