Hours of ready for the passport

The passport crisis, which has been going on for months, is far from resolved, and due to the lack of organization of the federal government, many Quebecs are no longer hesitant to go online at dawn in the hope of obtaining a rare document.

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“We posted [les documents] in mid-March and we never had any news, ”lays Mathilde Saumier, 17, who has to leave for Germany on Saturday thanks to a scholarship.

She was among a hundred people who met early at the Guy-Favreau Complex in Montreal early Friday and hoped to quit Service Canada once and for all.

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Fearing waiting, some made sure they brought a camping chair. Danielle Lacroix offered a good Samaritan on the spot from 6:00.

“It’s especially busy today,” he notes, suggesting that several passengers who had urgently applied for a passport have been asked to check in because the compartments are closed over the weekend.

Helpless employees

Interview with several people Newspaper they also said they were waiting for a call from Service Canada that never arrived, forcing them to return.

Elliot Delorme was there. Overall, the 27-year-old tried to stay in the mood on Friday, during his third visit of the week.

“Even the people who work here don’t know what’s going on,” says the young man, who will return on Sunday to finally get his passport back.

Amandine Serylo says that she was confronted with the inflexibility of the system.

After being there on Thursday from 4:00 to 17:00, she was unable to obtain the passport of her one-month-old child, Esteban.

A professional photographer, hoping to save him from waiting for the monster, was taken by the toddler himself. Unfortunately, Service Canada would judge that the image did not meet its criteria.

“I haven’t been waiting for anything all day,” he complains with the small child in his arms.

Soaked and stressed

At Service Canada in Saint-Laurent, about 50 citizens had to stand in the rain on Friday morning.

Stressed and completely soaked, Michel Samaan hopes to be able to fly to Syria soon on the occasion of his family’s death.

“I’m tired, it’s been 3 days [que je viens]. I have exams and I don’t have time to learn, “says the university student.

Earlier this week, the Montreal Police Department was also called upon to resolve “conflict” situations involving access to government premises without being confronted with overcrowding.

Employment and Social Development Canada argues in response to the statement that “despite” longer processing times than before the pandemic, 97% of Canadians will receive their passport within 10 working days of being personally asked to do so at a specialist post.

The government has also revised its passport application forecasts for 2022-2023, now estimating them at 4.3 million instead of 3.6 million.

-With Olivier Faucher

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