Hauts-de-Seine academics are offended on the decline in whole hourly allowances

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For several months now, rallies and events have been proliferating, condemning the decline in the total hourly allocation (DHG) of Hauts-de-Seine facilities, which has a primary impact on universities and secondary schools in the education zone. . Teachers fear a decline in the quality of lessons and the loss of opportunities for the most vulnerable students. Their parents support them.

Dissatisfied teachers’ posters covered with slogans like “means of misery, Blanquer is to blame”! An engaged theatrical work that summarizes the decline in resources recorded in recent years. Also student testimonials and written on panels. “The university demands autonomy and rigor. Without DS, I would have been overwhelmed with courses and maybe quit. ”On March 8, teachers and parents in front of the Galilée Gymnasium in Gennevilliers opposed a reduction in the total hourly allowance (DHG), the envelope of lessons for secondary school decided by the Rector’s Office. .

Since January last year, the number of DHG 92 has actually fallen: less than 500 working hours in the secondary department, deplores David Gozlan, deputy secretary of the FO and the trade union official in Hauts-de-Seine, while back staff to school 2021 reported exactly an increase of 700 students in secondary schools. These two curves are normally assumed to go in the same direction. However, this is not the case. Consequences: priority education – and education in general – will hit because schools have fewer resources for more students. “When the population grew, it was reflected in fewer work shifts. The administration explains that it distributes HSA (overtime), but it is not a position, “explains the union.

Since that announcement, the anger of teachers 92 has only increased. “The situation is dramatic, David Gozlan summed up. His company – Louis Blériot College in Levallois-Perret – is also one of the companies affected by the decline in DHG, such as Petits-Ponts (Clamart), Pompidou (Villeneuve La Garenne) or Bagneux, among others. dozens more.

“Why dramatic? Simply because after two years of health protocols (more than 50 have been applied), students need a calm, caring and dignified learning environment. Overloading classes much later or less will reveal the profile of students who require special attention. By overcrowding the classes, you weaken the quality teaching that colleagues in priority areas of education are capable of. In addition, you endanger students and staff in classes that cannot include more than 30 students per room. ”

He explains on his business scale that he is losing 84 hours. At Galilee High School in Gennevilliers, it’s 70 hours less for students: the charts that appear during the events show the same opposite movement as on the department’s scale. : in 2019, the number of hours was 2,109 for 1,167 students, compared with 1,951 hours for 1,212 students in 2022.

Towards an uberization of the profession?

Véronique * (her first name has been changed voluntarily), a mathematics teacher at the Lycée Galilée for more than ten years, has been involved in the movement since January. He condemns “the obligation to fight every year in order to maintain its resources. The public of our high school is difficult, it fully justifies the resources we have. “

He does not talk about miracles, only about good teaching conditions: 30 students per class against 35 elsewhere in the department, division of classes, DS set up outside of classes depending on the sector, open school to provide support to students on Wednesday for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, teachers very accessible and prefer meetings with parents, such as. received certificates so that you can definitely see them, etc.

Her company, which has become a center of excellence, has gained “relatively significant resources”, she admits, with real added value, as the maturity of the school-leaving examinations was almost 100% in sector S. they were indeed better thanks to resources that were good. used”. And should we accept more modest means today when they are needed? The implications are clear: “70 hours less hours means less personalized support in mathematics or French, less duplication. There is an experimental second in our facility, designed by teachers to be as educated as possible and to allow students to catch up with their shortcomings. ”

The profession also suffers. “With the decline in DHG, we are facing an uberization of the profession, believes David Gozlan. As a result of the treatment of teachers by successive governments, we are witnessing a drop in our salaries, the number of competitive positions is also declining (CAPES / AGREG), while the number of students to be followed is still just as important and requires answers. We are asked to prepare attractive activities to “attract people to our operations”, but where is the education going? Proof that there is a shortage of teachers, hiring contract staff at the academy. The same suppliers who are fired after three, four, five years because the administration does not want to set them up. The percentage of contract employees is increasing, the workload is always greater (without corresponding to the courses depending on our subject), the index point is frozen for 22 years, so yes, we are hurting the profession for me ”!

A public threatened by privacy?

Overall, teachers are concerned about questioning the equal opportunities caused by deteriorating working conditions. “Boxes have customized support methods. There is no reason to leave the exclusivity of these working methods to the private sector. Public education must also adopt these methods, “says Véronique.

In this fight, parents are also worried about the fate of their children. This is the case of Katalin Lhomme, Chair of FCPE 92. This phenomenon “pushes people to go into the private sector while doing national education at a low cost for those who could not. The aim is to provide quality education when we are already in a two-speed system. The decrease in the total number of hours was recorded mainly in facilities with priority education and its effects are even worse. “

The post-Covide period acts as another discoverer. “It has been complicated for all students for two years. Due to inappropriate exchange rates, the gaps have widened. Not all families have the opportunity to take repair or home classes.

There is an awareness of these major educational issues on the part of students. “Within the High School Life Council, it is important that they are informed about civic matters. The students see the protest, they ask, “Véronique explains. On March 25, a white day was decided in response to the challenges of the parents ‘teachers’ unions. The result: 75% absence from them.

Teachers, students, parents, solidarity

“Our worst fears are receding. It already works, while the Covid period has already had a major psychological impact on children, ”acknowledges Katalin Lhomme.

For Véronique, this year is well advanced, but he can no longer prepare for the start of the school year 2022. “Without knowing whether we will have more hours, we cannot predict anything. During our high school, we would like to create systems for technology courses, set up projects to immerse students even more in the world of work, and enable support for work from home. In short, find what motivates, appreciates and helps them on a professional level. ”

After two meetings with the Rectorate, the hopes will not go out. And mobilization, if she runs out of breath before the movement lasts, has not said the last word. New actions are underway.

David Gozlan explains the progress made at his university level: “Several hours have been gained, so little in terms of legitimate requirements. We do not ask for alms, we just want to offer what we won the competition for. We want to teach with dignity, not with contempt. The situation remains equally worrying for the next school year. Teams are already disbanded because fewer hours means jumping positions ”!

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