Geneviève Machicote: “I’m asking for a everlasting telework settlement”

From this Friday 27 May 12:00 and until Wednesday 1ehm June at 12:00, French people living in Luxembourg can vote online in the first round of the French parliamentary elections. They will also be able to vote on June 5, then on June 19 in the second round.

Paperjam interviewed candidates whose parties scored the best in Luxembourg in the first round of the French presidential election in 2022 and in the 2017 parliamentary elections. .

After meeting the French living in Luxembourg, what are the priorities you will present during your campaign?

Genevieve Machicote. – “I have a special program for French people living abroad to address their concerns. The first point is the improvement of consular services in order to transform consulates into real town halls for French people living abroad. Still in order to strengthen the public services of French nationals abroad, we also want to strengthen the powers of the consulate. We have noticed that French pensioners who live abroad sometimes have difficulty receiving a pension because they forget or no longer know how to send a certificate of integrity and morality, which results in the suspension of their pension. We want this to be possible only on the basis of a consulate decision.

You also have the ambition to come often to Luxembourg and during the 4the riding…

“I want to be close to the French abroad so that they can express their concerns. To this end, I intend to open a permanent office in Brussels. I will also organize a parliamentary tour around the Benelux. A telephone service and a weekly video conference will always be set up for maximum availability.

In your program, you mention the reform of a second home for French citizens living abroad. Can you give more details?

“French people in Luxembourg, but also French people abroad, very often keep their home in France. Which is normal as long as France remains our country. The intention is to make this house a home residence, which is considered the main residence for tax purposes. But beware, the tax residence will remain with the Frenchman in Luxembourg in the Grand Duchy, because this is his usual residence.

We must succeed in increasing the number of telework days in a sustainable way.

Genevieve Machicote

Teaching is also part of your program, especially by reducing tuition fees at French schools …

“We really want to reduce tuition fees at French secondary schools, especially for students of French nationality, who make up 35% of students worldwide. We also want to be able to adapt Parcoursup to the specificities of teaching French living abroad, who often have a higher level of languages ​​due to their school careers abroad. In other words, we want Parcoursup to be adapted to the realities of the French living abroad.

At the level of education, we still need to improve the training of teachers and accompanying students with disabilities (AESH) in order to promote inclusion in French secondary schools. We also want to end the waiting periods for social insurance. When a French national from abroad comes to study in France, he is subject to a three-month waiting period for social security. We want to end this.

In Luxembourg, issues related to teleworking and taxation of cross-border workers are often discussed. How do you approach these two topics?

“I am calling for a permanent telework agreement for cross-border workers. We must succeed in a sustainable increase in the number of telework days, as was the case at the height of the health crisis. I will not commit to a few days of teleworking, but first and foremost you need dialogue. The Belgian tax authorities and the Luxembourg tax authorities must agree. Reciprocity is key. We must at least put this topic on the table, because the way companies and workers work has changed with the health crisis.

Entrepreneurs are often the main target of the right. What can you say about French entrepreneurs abroad?

“In France, the trade balance has collapsed and we need to develop exports. We have to rely on French entrepreneurs abroad for this. They know French products, industries, they know people, they bring French products abroad. However, we must also support them by giving them access to credit through the Public Investment Bank (BPI) and by supporting the development of these entrepreneurs.

Here is a list of Legislative candidates in the 4th constituency of the French living abroad, which corresponds to the Benelux:

Emmanuelle Cuignet (RN)

Genevieve Machicote (LR)

Valentin Thevenot (Animal Party)

Gaëlle Cronel (Pirate Party)

Cécilia Gondard (Nupes): read her interview

Cedric Deverchere (Volt)

Catherine Coutard (Republican Left)

Marie-Josée Mabasi (Presidential-majority ecologists)

Anne-Catherine Girard (Reconquest): Read her interview

Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade (Together! Presidential majority): read his interview

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