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What do the first days of the MP look like in our daily overview of the campaign before the parliamentary elections in New Caledonia? Portraits of Wali Wahetra and Manuel Millar. Five days before the first round, candidates answer questions from Internet users.

17 candidates entered the domestic part of this legislative campaign in 2022 in New Caledonia. As voters vote on Sunday, June 12, the candidates for the deputies organize the last meetings.

The first round of parliamentary elections is already this weekend. And in a fortnight, two of the 17 candidates will know if they should fly to Paris. The calendar of the Member’s first days is already on the Palais Bourbon. William Kromwell’s explanations.

On June 21, the deputies of the 2017-2022 mandate end their term. All newly elected members or those re-elected will then gather at the Palais Bourbon in Paris, the seat of the National Assembly. It then involves completing administrative formalities, settling in his office, or discovering the customs and traditions of the place. At this time, MEPs also form or join various political groups and are members of one of the eight commissions of the National Assembly.

It will be the opening of the 16th Legislature of the Fifth Republic on Tuesday, June 28, at exactly 3:00 p.m. The President of the National Assembly will also be elected on that day.

Members who did not join the parliamentary group, ie unregistered, will be placed on one of the eight standing committees the next day. On 30 June, the chair and group presidents shall decide on the distribution of seats in the Chamber, including non-attached members.

They will meet there a few days later at a general political speech by the head of government.

When the parliamentary elections are approaching, what would you like to ask the candidates? NC 1time launched this appeal in May on its Facebook page. The editors selected seven questions from feedback from Internet users. Six, which are addressed to all, and one, which is specific to each of the two constituencies. We posted the answers to the first two questions concerning the institutional future on our website on Tuesday: here and there.

Wali Wahetra, FLNKS candidate, for the parliamentary elections in 2022, in the first constituency.

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She is a candidate of the FLNKS, separatists and nationalists, in the first constituency. Meet Wali Wahetra (52), who is entering the legislative race for the first time. Portrait with the signature Malia-Losa Falelavaki.

Walisaune Wahetra was born on April 6, 1970 in Wé, Lifou Island. His childhood took place in the Kedeigne tribe, in the district of Lössi. After school in Caillou, she went to France to continue her studies. The young woman obtained a degree in pedagogical sciences, a professional teaching diploma. When she returned, the school’s teacher, then the headmaster of the Dreh school, was a very active mother within her tribe and various associations.

Wali Wahetra is also the author of a book on arranged marriages entitled “Que la parole s’accomplisse”. He has been politically involved in Palik for years. In 2019, the teacher from Lifou was elected to the Assembly of the Isle of Provinces and to the Congress, where she is the Vice-Chairwoman of the Commission on Education and Culture.

Candidates for 1time times in parliamentary elections, as a candidate for the FLNKS, separatists and nationalists. His deputy is Fidel Malalua of the Labor Party, who is also vice-president of the USTKE trade union.

>> The Wahetra candidate was a guest of the television newspaper, Sunday, May 22. You can find the interview here.

Manuel Millar during the legislative campaign in 2017.

Manuel Millar during the legislative campaign in 2017.

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As in 2017, Manuel Millar focuses on deputation. He is running again in the second constituency, without designation, and with Pelekualo Tuakoifenu as a substitute. Her portrait by Lizzie Carboni.

Manuel Millar, married to three children, first discovered New Caledonia in 1985 and quickly fell in love with it. He settled there permanently ten years later, once leaving his military career. Today, at the age of 65, he represents an atypical candidacy: this wand, a construction company manager, advocates using energy from the heart of Voh to fight the disasters of Caledonian society. The man is not in politics on the first try since 2017, he also ran in the second constituency, where he received 155 ballots in his name. He continued his senatorial elections in the same year and intends to do the same in 2023.

Véronique Pagand, candidate in the second constituency, leading the East Coast campaign:

Muneiko Haocas and her teams distributed leaflets in the north earlier this week:

Like Thierry Santa, in Horses:

A trip to the Isle of Pines for Philippe Dunoyer with a visit to the Vao market:

  • At 9:00 Muneiko Haocas in Sarraméa at the town hall for a public meeting.
  • From 14:00 to 20:00 the final meeting of Wali Wahetra and Gérard Reignier in Nouméa, Vallée-du-Tir.
  • At 18:00 the final meeting of Nicolas Metzdorf in Païte in the socio-cultural port.
  • At 18:00 Guy-Olivier Cuénot at a public meeting in Nouméa, Kaméré.
  • Pascal Lafleur in Lifou. His deputy Pascale Daly in Nouméa at a meeting at 18:00 in the polling station.
  • At 18:00 the final meeting of Philipp Dunoyer in Nouméa at the Henry-Milliard racetrack
  • At 18:00, the last meeting of Manuel Millar in the hall of honor of Mont-Dore City Hall in Boular.
  • At 18:00 Thierry Santa at the Mont-Dore Cultural Center in Boular.

NC la 1ère mobilizes on television, radio and the web to bring the legislative campaign to life in New Caledonia:

  • Thursday, June 9 at 8:00 p.m. television debate among the candidates in the second constituency. Invited are: Alain Descombels, Nicolas Metzdorf, Gérard Reignier and Thierry Santa.
  • At 6.30 am the campaign newspaper in morning radio.
  • Shortly after 7 o’clock, the guest from Legislative emergency radio morning. This Wednesday’s place for Alain Descombels.
  • Around 19:00 on working days publication on newspaper website with digital campaign.
  • At 19:30 campaign newspaper in TV newsexcept Thursday, with a cultural side.
  • Modules this week # we answer you with questions from Internet users about the candidates.
Candidates for the parliamentary elections in 2022 in the first constituency.

Candidates for the parliamentary elections in 2022 in the first constituency.

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Legislative, candidates in the second constituency of New Caledonia, V2

Candidates in the second constituency of New Caledonia.

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