Distant mentoring platform to assist new lecturers

The shortage of staff, the abandonment of the profession and the decline in the number of people enrolled in initial training are very real and their consequences are marked in the education sector. To meet these challenges, the remote support web platform now offers services to support the next generation of teachers and facilitate access to the profession.

Support the next generation in education

Mentoring is considered one of the most effective measures to promote professional integration. Unfortunately, for various reasons, it is slowly systematically establishing itself in all environments. Some institutions offer structured support, while others organize more informal pairings. Even today, too many new teachers suffer from isolation and do not have access to adequate support.

The requirements of the students, the recommendations resulting from the evaluation of the educational programs, as well as the conclusions of the research project led to the development of TrEnsForm. The result of cooperation between the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi and its partners (Quebec University in Trois-Rivières, Quebec University in Outaouais, Quebec University in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Quebec University in Rimouski and the University of Sherbrooke), TrEnsForma is aimed at educating students, students at the beginning of their career. This web-based platform connects theory and practice and helps young teachers to deal with problems they encounter in the performance of their duties.

Free professional development services

TrEnsForm offers free online help, which is available in five ways:

  1. Mentoring: a counseling service offered by mentors to support students or new teachers with special needs;
  2. Virtual library: an annotated directory of audiovisual resources, works and relevant sites that meet the needs of future and new teachers;
  3. Collaborative training: a service that aims to meet the need to share practices by offering co-development groups and online community practices;
  4. Targeted learning events: symposia and thematic days aimed at developing and acquiring the professional skills that underpin teaching;
  5. Activities for those responsible for trainee training, including a Quuebec graduate micro-program to support the professional development of teachers.

The platform facilitates pairing between the mentor and the mentee, and this is its biggest innovation. Just fill out the short form and you will be contacted quickly. Accompanying methods, such as frequency and means of communication, are then determined by the diad. Mentors themselves can rely on the support of professors, lecturers, university supervisors, educational advisors and teachers (e) appointed to assist them in their role.

TrEnsForm is a unique initiative that allows young teachers to take responsibility for their professional development while breaking their isolation. And even at a distance, mentoring remains the most effective way to integrate and fully develop the profession.

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