Distance schooling, unhealthy relationship of the well being disaster at college

Has “continuity of education,” the name that national education has been given to distance education in the Covid-19 era, become a principle without concrete translation in practice? Some in the educational community condemn this: with the bead absences associated with the spread of SARS-CoV-2, class numbers have varied since the beginning of the school year in January, sometimes even more than half a day – since everyone had to get tested in a pharmacy, all the way here, as soon as a positive Covid-19 case is declared in your area.

However, on Monday, January 10, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced the waiver of the PCR or antigen test on the day the contact case was discovered: instead, students would conduct three self-tests, he explained for “20. hours ”of France 2 on Monday evening. A decision that should shorten the waiting of students and teachers before they can return to class.

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Will this communication simplify the organization of distance learning? In the context of an explosion in the number of positive cases – more than 300,000 per day – student flows and teacher absences will continue to change from day to day. It still seems difficult to honor this commitment made by the Minister of National Education in March 2020, in the early hours of childbirth. Officially, however, it is still planned in the case of isolation due to Covid-19.

“It’s been going on for two years”angry Manuella Delbecq, elected from the Federation of Parents’ Councils (FCPE) at Montpellier College with a REP + classification, whose son missed a few months of French – COVID-19 put too much pressure on a group of substitutes. “If the parents don’t bother college, nothing will happen.” she condemns. It’s as if we’re starting a new health crisis with each wave without learning anything from the previous one. »

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Barbara ‘s son, who goes to 5e sent an e-mail at the same establishment “to all my teachers” before the holidays, when he was in contact with a comrade and the week “isolated”. “Only two answered him, including one who put things in the digital workspace (ENT) and another who told him to meet with a friend to learn lessons.reports. It is a pedagogical continuity with us. »

“They don’t know where to turn”

At the beginning of the school year in January 2022, Barbara’s son underwent several inspections, including one that did not go well. “Maybe we organized audits at home, he was missing things.”regrets not throwing the stone at teachers. “Some are more devoted than others were in prison”notes Barbara, before qualifying: “College is so overcrowded they don’t know where to start. »

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