College of the Elbe. Minister Diaka Sidibé attends academic services

Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation Diaka Sidibé after running the first tests of the entrance exam on Monday, June year in the center of Hafie, the sub-prefecture in which the University of the Elbe is located, went to the premises of this institution, where she carried out a series of activities.

Dr. In the morning, Diaka Sidibé chaired the weekly council of his ministry via video conference in the Rector’s Office at the University of the Elbe. After the cabinet meeting, she visited several educational facilities at the university, including some classrooms, a library of the Department of Arabic Language, and a laboratory of the Department of Biology. She also visited the university infirmary and incubation center, where various items are produced.

The biological laboratory impressed many with its equipment. “The laboratory includes a general biology room and a microbiology room for teaching qualifications within the University of the Elbe. You have noticed that there are a number of state-of-the-art devices that allow students to qualify for training. There are devices in this laboratory that are not even in the Labé Regional Hospital. In this sense, we have initiated procedures for signing a partnership with the regional hospital so that when they need to do certain tests, such as hemoglobin electrophoresis; they can come to university, we can easily do them that service. I also inform you that this is not the only equipment we have here, landfill equipment is on the way, equipment that can handle many parameters that prevent them from moving, going to Conakry or Dakar to perform analyzes, ”explained Abdourahamane Barry, head of the laboratory. .

After various visits, Dr. Diaka Sidibé talked to the students in the amphitheater. “I was in the same room last February, but you will agree with me that the atmosphere was not the same because there were problems at the Elbe University. Today, I am so honored to see you applauding your new leaders, it means sincerity, but above all, I was very, very pleased today by the election of the head of state, Colonel Mamada Doubouy, aimed at these men. We are here to see the conditions in which our institutions find themselves in a government dive. As of this morning, I am in your premises with the Rector’s Office, we have had the opportunity to go through your educational and scientific facilities. Personally, I was interested in this, because the last time I was here, we made recommendations, it is true that the then Secretary-General was here alone, everyone else was retired, but I realize that the link really passed. Instead of thanking and congratulating the current leadership of the University of the Elbe. Today, Prime Minister Mohamed Béavogui has entrusted the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation with the mission on which we have paved the way. Today we have many paths, many projects, the challenges are huge for the higher education system, but trust me, we will not promise anything, we do not have a magic wand, we have the will, we have the determination and I am convinced that my team and I will give the means to qualify we will succeed in the strike, “explained the minister, who also welcomed the progress of the work in progress at the university.

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