College of Mauritius with out a hearth certificates

The Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service has called on the administration of the University of Mauritius to address a number of security deficiencies.

The Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS) has had several shortcomings at the University of Mauritius (UoM). The university has not had a “fire certificate” since 2019. This is because several of its buildings do not meet the standard.

An authorized source, assigned to the MFRS “fire certificate” department, confirmed to the Daily Challenge that the university facility did not have adequate fire management facilities. For example, we learn that several buildings do not have fire escape or other equipment, such as fire alarms and fire extinguishers.

“We have started a series of consultations with members of the university management. We have already started inspections to find out further shortcomings, “said a source familiar with the case from the Mauritian fire and rescue services. On May 23, a meeting of the fire brigade and the university management took place. Following this, the administration of the higher education institution would make formal commitments to address these safety deficiencies.

The representatives of the Union of Academic Staff of the University of Mauritius (UMASU) take this situation very seriously. Iqbal Sookhroo, vice president of UMASU, who contacted by telephone on Wednesday, June 1, claims that this is a situation that affects more than one on the Réduit campus. “We are still talking about the safety of staff, students and many people who have access to the University of Mauritius. Because we must not forget that the campus is accessible to anyone. We had a meeting with the management during the week and we were assured that he would strive to do so, “emphasizes this trade union representative.

Iqbal Sookhroo also highlights the fact that the situation on the university campus has returned to normal for a month. This is because the second and third year students are present every day and the full-time teaching has started again. “So it’s very hectic at university.” The identified shortcomings therefore need to be addressed as soon as possible, “we insist. However, we understand that it is far from won because, according to the Mauritian fire and rescue services, it will take a while for all the problems identified to be resolved, he says.

Since Tuesday, the Daily Challenge has been trying to get an explanation from the Vice-Chancellor’s office on this topic, but in vain. We have asked the Secretariat of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office about this security issue on several occasions, but we have understood that Acting Vice-Chancellor Sanjeev Kumar Sobhee has been crushed.

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