College of Geneva: Convention blocked by activists once more


Activists who claim to be from a trans cause interrupted a presentation of the book at the Uni Bastions on Tuesday. This is the second such episode in a month. Alma mater is about to file a complaint.

The conference took place in Uni Bastions.

TDG – L. Guiraud

The debate at the university is becoming more and more complicated. On Tuesday night, French Professor Eric Marty’s conference was interrupted in a rather muscular way by activists who claim to be trans causes. The scientist at Diderot University in Paris came to present his latest work: “The Gender of Modernity”. Neutral thinking and gender theory. ” This is the second time in three weeks that such an episode has occurred. April 29activists prevented another conference of two psychoanalysts, including the French, who came to talk about their book, The Transgender Child Factory – How to Protect Minors from the Health Scandal.

Tuesday’s evening event was hosted by the university itself (unlike the first just hosted), in this case its Department of Modern French Language and Literature. The book that was to be introduced examines the origins of the concept of gender in history and the various ideas in which it took root.

Verbal and physical violence

The room at the Uni Bastions, where the conference took place, attended by about twenty people, occupied about thirty activists at the very beginning of the presentation, thus definitively ending the debate. According to testimonies, there was both verbal and physical violence. The professor of letters at the outset of this event would take into account that a non-trans white woman cannot talk about such a topic. It also seems that there was a crush and that the speaker and part of the public were sprayed with water and hydroalcoholic gel.

“People who are afraid of books are rarely on the right side of history”

Marco Cattaneo, spokesman for the university

The university, through its spokesman Marc Cattanea, reacted very sharply to the event. “It is unacceptable that a book cannot be studied at a university, that the group has acquired the right to think that the book cannot be discussed. People who are afraid of books are rarely on the right side of history.

Criminal complaint

The alma mater is about to file a criminal complaint, adding that if it turns out that some demonstrators are students, “they will have to answer for their actions at the administrative level.” It is possible to go before the disciplinary board. “There are rules in society, there are rules in the university and you can’t detach them,” says Marco Cattaneo.

He also states that “it is out of the question for teachers to be pushed into self-censorship. Gender is, of course, the subject of study that researchers will continue to work on, and of course we will continue to organize public events on this topic. The communicator also explains that “if the analysis showed that such and such a conference was more sensitive, we would adapt the security system accordingly, as we already do, when, for example, we welcome some political figures, such as the UN Secretary-General recently.”

At the end of April, activists justified their action by saying that the transphobic discourse had no place at the university. They felt that by welcoming their institution, they had made this statement audible and tolerable. They also said they did not want to discuss because the debate is “a dominant tool for directing the anger of the ruled.” At present, the interruption on Tuesday evening is not claimed or explained.

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