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Getting into school is sometimes a pretty brutal change in the world for the little ones. If great teaching challenges excite adults. On the children’s side, it is the class, the comrades, the teacher or the mistress, and the expectations of the school system that will become their daily lives for good decades. Let’s sit by their side in the school desks for a while.

The first day of school is a dive into the unknown for young children. At the age of four or five, leaving your mother’s hand to become acquainted with the new environment is not without tears. In a report on the school system filmed in 1985 The present captures a few moments of difficult first contact with the school.

New Universe / Present Tense / 1 min. / September 5, 1985

What they like

Children at school in 1968. [RTS]Children at school in 1968. [RTS]In the lower classes, we first draw, we paint. Then we learn to read so that we can “read newspapers as adults” according to the young students they talked to in 1968. Crossroad. In the 2nd year of kindergarten, these children have not yet considered the meaning of school attendance, but they already have their preferences: they learn to read advice. Therefore, when they start school, they are happy to discover new knowledge.

I like school because we learn more things there than at home.

2nd year student in 1968

Then it will be time to move on to more demanding learning, especially calculations and mathematics. Meetings with mental calculations that students gathered around the teacher’s desk, as here in 1967, are like real brain gymnastics for the most talented: for some the game and for others undoubtedly torture …

Orally [RTS]

Oral calculation / presence of Protestants / 1 min. / 24.12.1967

The teacher, the central figure of the school period, is extremely important in students’ lives. In 1968, schoolchildren were asked to describe their ideal teacher. In their compositions, they describe the essential role of their teacher, meet his expectations and do not hesitate to complain …

The ideal teacher [RTS]

Ideal school teacher / Madame TV / 1 min. / 21.9.1968

what they hate

Homework and lessons at home are an unpleasant feeling for schoolchildren: they are unanimous in this. And sometimes parents are not far from joining them because school work at home causes a lot of tension. To that extent open table devoted a debate to this burning topic in 1989. However, let us listen to the opinion of the main stakeholders …

Homework: stress school [RTS]

Homework: stress school / Open table / 1 min. / 17.12.1989

The school is a place of choice very quickly and the marks from the exams already depend on the future of the children. They do not let themselves be deceived and attach great importance to the evaluations and their results. They admit to indulging in food bills to calculate their averages. But schoolchildren also don’t hesitate to say all the bad things they think about the institution of exams.

Fear of trials [RTS]

Fear of Trials / Carrefour-Soir Information / 3 min. / 25.9.1968

The fact remains that when asked about plans for the future, as in this 1961 program, young people reaffirm their ambitions. They dream of being a physicist or chemist, an architect, a secretary, a decorator, a surgeon … We bet that their determination will enable them to overcome small and large pitfalls of school attendance.

When I grow up... [RTS]

When I grow up … / News / 1 min. / January 25, 1961

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