College help: what milk to decide on in your youngster and at what value?

As every year, more than a month after the start of the school year, it is the same refrain: pupils and their parents begin to identify the school subjects in which they experience the greatest difficulties. Whether it’s math, French, languages ​​or physics, there are many solutions to support a child or teenager in difficulty and help them move forward. Among them we can find private lessons at home or in the center, group lessons or sites offering educational content available online. Each of these recipes can meet your child’s specific needs, but also your budget. In addition, from the moment the courses are taught at home, they become eligible for a tax bonus of 50%. An overview of the various services offered and their prices.

Popular private lessons

After months of health crises, and sometimes at school at home, Philipp Coléon, Acadomia’s CEO, is clear: “Today, families are required to return to a face-to-face meeting.” , including these hours at home or in the Acadomia center. And the results are as follows: the brand shows an increase of 3.7 points on average for the subject, according to a study conducted among its customers in June 2021. To find a rare pearl, simply go to one of the 110 agencies scattered throughout France or simply apply on a dedicated website. On the price page, expect 59 euros for a regulatory membership of around 30 euros per lesson for a primary school student and around 50 euros for a preparer with more specific needs. It should be noted that each active member also uses the “Academoi” program, which provides access to online educational content, free of charge.

For those who prefer the widest possible choice, another option is possible: the Superprof online platform functions as a large community of teachers providing all types of courses. Classic materials are of course available, but some professionals also offer their services in more original areas: drawing, piano, graphic design … “Our ambition is simple: to be an AirBnb private lesson,” explains platform creator Wilfried Granier to the capital. Superprof also entrusts that it retains only a few accepted requests from teachers to optimize family satisfaction. A total of 800,000 teachers are registered on the site. To find the ideal support, each student or parent must bring in € 29 … which they will pay only if they find their teacher. However, it is difficult to determine the exact price of one lesson: “It can range from 25 euros per hour for a student who teaches, to about 100 euros for an agrarian, such as philosophy,” Superprof explains. that the first course is systematically offered. In 2020, it was recommended by 94% of students who tested the platform.

Online content for the most independent

Maxicours, a pioneer in online tutoring, has been around for 20 years. The principle is simple: on the dedicated page you will find a complete service of educational resources. Course content, quizzes, videos, notes … the student can then, as desired and at any time during the day, gather the information needed to progress in the chosen subject. All course documents are produced by national education teachers and are adapted each year to the (sometimes changing) content of school curricula, from CP to terminal. To encourage a child or teenager to get involved, the platform is fun and offers, for example, a system of points earned when processing topics. The cost of accessing the platform varies according to the length of the commitment: EUR 14.95 per month, EUR 7.95 per month for one year and EUR 4.95 per month for two years. Thus, in 2020, 83% of Maxicours users declared that they achieved better results, with an average of 3.3 points more for the target items.

Finally, the platform launched in 2013 also offers a wealth of online content: this is Kartable. Its co-founder Julien Cohen Solal is trying to “meet all the school’s support needs”. For € 39.99 per month, students from CE1 to the terminal have access to many exercises, letters and course content at their own discretion. But, and most interestingly, Kartable also offers distance learning courses in groups of up to 5 to 6 students. Thus, more than 1,200 courses are available per week, covering all programs. Therefore, the student only has to decide whether to participate in the required courses, according to the time periods offered during the week. In terms of satisfaction, it is high: 95% of families show satisfaction with their child’s progress.

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