College: college students need fewer distance studying programs!

Students want to return to class. Although universities have practiced distancing a lot because of Covid, this is no longer appropriate.

Distance learning is enough! At least that reflects the work of ChooseMyCompany.. The institute has launched a survey on 43,700 young people enrolled in 860 schools and universities. MCETV explains to you what the questionnaires mean.

Covid changes everything

Because the wave “ghost students” there is definitely less talk about it. But it still exists. Many young people were very worried about the covid. Less money, less social contact : Two prisons have done a lot of evil.

While covid seems to be (yet) behind us, ChooseMyCompany compiles a balance sheet of young people’s expectations. At the university, similarly to engineering or business schools, the topic appears: distance learning needs to be reduced.

In fact, schools had no choice between prisons, half classes and isolated people. It was therefore necessary to develop distance learning courses. And when blended learning can have real benefitsit can also cause problems.

Students need to feel part of their studies. Otherwise, they’ll drop out … Which he can partially explain half-results of partial works at the university Last year. Students try to keep up.

This is probably explained by ChooseMyCompany’s HappyIndexAtSchool2022 mark major changes. In short, students seem to be less and less happy at school. Due to distance learning but also student life.

University: 2022, bad year?

The quality of student life is thus declining compared to 2020. Only 62% of students seem satisfied. Relatively low rate … All the more so because it represents a clear decrease of 15 points. It must also be said that the evenings, parties and meetings were waiting for the covid to retreat.

And covid affected the morale of future graduates. The study seems to show this young people do not live the student life they dreamed of... And distance learning is one of the main remorse of universities and schools.

The students really felt that mixing distance and full-time lessons could work. 72% considered this hybrid system to be well designed. However, the rate of students convinced of this situation will fall by 7 points between 2021 and 2022.

It is therefore possible that students feel that there is too much distance learning. This probably also explains why 71% of them stay happy with your school or university. Good ratio, but also declining compared to the same survey conducted in 2021.

The study, which took place between September 2021 and March 2022, reveals that students trust their school. And also confidence in their future, for the most part. But let them ask for more social contacts, more help. And also more ecology.

In fact, only 64% of them found that their school was committed to greener practices. So it seems that young people call for more visible information. And above all, education on a daily basis. Real areas of improvement for universities!

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