Burkina Faso: election of common pupil delegates

This is the statement of the Burkinabè National Association of Students (ANEB) in Ouagadougou on the election of general delegates of students of the various institutes and training and research units (UFR) of Joseph KI ZERBO University.

Classmates and students,

On Monday, May 9, 2022, the campaign for the election of general student delegates of the various institutes and training and research units (UFRs) of Joseph KI ZERBO University was officially held on Thursday, June 2, 2022.

Classmates and students,

These DGE elections are being held this year in the context of the constant deterioration of living and study conditions of Joseph KI ZERBO University students. At the academic level, the ticking of the new general study system has contributed to the deepening of the evil that students have already faced: delays, overlaps, massive failures, botched training, and so on. At the social level, student homelessness has increased due to the catering service, which has become inaccessible to many of us as a result of reforms such as Digit’MESRI, C’Resto, the mercantilist transport system and housing estates, which house only a small fraction of students. As for social benefits (FONER assistance, scholarships, etc.), in the process of canceling them, there are attempts to implement anti-student reforms under the false pretext of saving FONER.

Classmates and students,

In general, these choices are an important topic for students as well as for administration. This is an expected opportunity for the administration to place students who are committed to the cause, who will serve as a discussion board that will ratify all anti-student measures and texts on our behalf. Thus, in 2021, after the unfair invalidation of some applications supported by ANEB at the University of Thomas SANKAR, the authorities, with the participation of dishonest representatives of the said university, organized the eviction of our representative in the National Commission for Scholarships and Internships (CNBES). This would allow for foolish reading of the scholarship framework texts, which would enshrine the questioning of many student achievements, including taking into account delays in starting sessions and awarding scholarships. as well as maintaining scholarships in the transition from one cycle to another (bachelor’s degree to master’s degree; master’s degree to doctorate).

For students, these choices are an opportunity to choose honest and courageous students who will play their role as representatives as DGE elected with the support of ANEB in previous years. The DGE in the FONER bodies, after the fight against anti-student measures, during the FONER proofreading workshop in October 2021, faithfully evaluated the students, which enabled them to enter the combat order under the leadership of their authentic structure. the fight against the implementation of these unpopular reforms. Representatives from the next elections therefore have a difficult task to defend and maintain our profits in the decision-making bodies.

However, they have objective boundaries. There are only one or two in the decision-making bodies, a maximum of three, facing a dozen members of the administration. This means that if they vote, their opinion cannot pass. They also do not have the ability to organize students to protest. Therefore, it is important that representatives are elected with the support of the ANEB, who will work with it to defend the interests of students.

Classmates and students,

The peculiarity of this year’s elections at ÚJKZ is the fact that the charters are unique in almost all UFRs and they are the ones supported by ANEB. In this situation, the main problem is the massive participation of students in these elections.

Nevertheless, this election campaign was marked by a number of aspects, both from the administration and from some students. For the administration, although these elections began in March 2022, the color selection of the samples took place after almost two weeks of campaigning over three weeks. As for the polling stations, it is not until 25 May, after hearing the candidates who will be notified. The campaign also recognized intimidation maneuvers by some administrations against candidates, suggesting that first-year IBAM students should not apply because they risk being fired before the end of their term if they do not reach the 12/20 running average. . We also noticed the cries of some dishonest students and the participation of the administration, who, surprised by the elections, went so far as to ask the candidates to postpone the election, ignoring the fact that it was an activity of the university presidency. According to the latest information, the management of IBAM has banned transitions in shares, especially to ANEB. Some candidates sell illusions, give students a degree of empowerment to the administration, and act as entrepreneurs who promise to give them the skills they need.

Despite these different maneuvers on both sides, the students remained clear. We call on them to mobilize massively Thursday, June 2, 2022Between 8:00 and 17:00 in different polling stations, with them registration certificates or student carda ID card vote on candidates supported by the OR, all materialized RED bulletin, and who are:

LAKE : CEO: SANDWIDI Oumarou, Modern Letters L1

Deputy General Manager: COULIBALY Brahima, English L1

SH : DGE: TINDANO Emanuel, History and Archeology L2

DGE representative: TOE Issouf, sociology L1 bac 2020

THE SEA : DGE: SOME S. Kevin, ST L1 2020

Deputy General Manager: DJIGUEMDE Marcelin, ST L1 2021


Deputy General Manager: KABORE Moussa, L1S1 ST

KBÚ : CEO: BOLY Omar, Master 2 Medicine

DGEA: CONFE Abdoul Latif, Pharmacy L2

IBM : DGE: N’DO Badou Richard, MIAGE L2


ISSP : DGE: TIENDREBEOGO Issouf, Master 1 in Statistics-Economics

DGEA: TOU Djakaridja, Master 1 in Population Science Research

Forward for the firm defense of our material and moral interests!

Victory on the RED ballot!

Bread and freedom for people

Executive Committee

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