Bac 2022: D-7 earlier than the house aircraft of the exams

Stress is increasing in 709,399 candidates for general (381,222 students), technological (141,978 students) and professional (186,200 students) graduations. After the special tests passed in mid-May, it’s time for the rest of the exam, in a short week!

From Tuesday, June 14, professional students will begin their three-week tests in French, History and Geography and Moral and Civic Education (EMC), followed on June 15 by terminals in the general and technology sector, which will work on the Queen’s Philosophy test. . June 16 a place for French writing for the first in the general and technology sector, before the start of the Great Oral – another major baccalaureate news in the Blanquer version with special tests – scheduled for June 20, which must last until July 1.

The main thing to remember: this will be the “first time” that the new baccalaureate with the formula, which has 40% of continuous control installed in the final registration, will take place without canceling the tests due to Covid-19, recalls Édouard Geffray, Director General of School Education (Dgesco). In 2020, the entire diploma was evaluated on a certificate and last year, professional tests, which are still worth 32% of the mark, were canceled to be evaluated by continuous evaluation. This year, those interested had to complete only the deferred union, originally scheduled for mid-March.

– 1.6% of candidates for graduation

As for logistics, nearly 3,000 test center facilities will send most of their non-candidates home from June 11 to set up test rooms. And there will be a total of 64,050 teachers responsible for correcting copies or acting as a jury for French orals and Grand Orals. Tariff of their remuneration: 5 euros gross for a corrected copy and 9.60 euros per hour of oral presentation, “any discipline”, Dgesco specifies.

Interestingly, this year the number of candidates for bac pro dropped significantly by 1.6%. It is less noticeable for general current (-0.7%) and on the rise for technological current (+ 0.2%). Why fewer suitors? “It has to do with demographic influences first, there are fewer age candidates who have to graduate,” estimates Édouard Geffray, who says he is waiting for an “accurate study” from Depp, the statistical department of education. . According to him, fewer career candidates would be due to “better success” and thus “fewer recurring”, but in the “context of a strong economic recovery, also high school students who go to work without waiting until they graduate.

In addition to the numbers, it remains to be seen whether this great first will not be spoiled by the wait we experienced during the special tests three weeks ago. Several directors expressed concerns about scanning copies – the fix was dematerialized, all copies are digitized in the test center after the test and then sent by the proofreader.

No “funnel effects” for the Ministry’s big verbal promises

For the ministry this time “without worries”. “In May, between the first day of copy scanning, Wednesday night and Friday, we scanned more than 99% of the copies and paired them with proofreaders,” explains Édouard Geffray, who recalls that the logistics were 1.3 million copies. . “We actually had a two-hour technical problem after a human error on Thursday night, but the rest went well,” he continues. I would add that this time it is much easier: there are only copies of philosophy and French, not the 13 specialties. »

The same topo for the big oral, in which rue de Grenelle swears that there will be no “funnel effects” this year that have clogged the test centers and failed here and there to test some during the 2020-2021 meeting. Teacher call errors have been reported in several academies, among others. “We were more in the Covid period and this suffering is spread over ten days,” Edouard Geffray said.

Finally, and this is another big “first place”, for at least two years and the beginning of the health crisis, the results will be physically displayed in high schools on July 5 and no longer just on the Internet. A catch-up will take place immediately after it.

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