Axel Marion receives a college scholarship in Iowa

Footballer Axel Marion will make a huge jump next September. He will pass from the school level Boisbriand Collegeinto the ranks of the sports and study programUniversity of GracelandIowa.

The football enthusiast was awarded a four-year scholarship after he himself promoted his application to American higher education institutions.

“I’m finishing high school in Boisbriand, but since the third year I’ve been in contact with the Graceland University coach. I participated in several showcases (recruitment events) in the United States in order to receive offers. My actions and gestures were filmed and then I was able to send my clips to various universities. “underlined today a 17-year-old boy.

“I’ve improved my techniques, I’ve updated my videos. I was also part of the Quebec team under 17, at the age of … 14 years. Graceland returned to the fee and won a 4-year scholarship to cover 50% of the cost of my studies. ”Axel continues.

Career on the move

(Photo credit: Melanie Arseneault)

Young Marion has been coaching football for 13 years. Gradually he wore colors o FC Boreálfrom FC Revolution (Saint-Eustache) and is currently in line with FC Challenger of Mirabel.

“I play as a defender. With FC Challenger, we are currently in first place in our league after four matches. I bet I’ll go straight to university. I intend to pursue a career in physiotherapy and coaching. Why this way? Because during my career, as a player, I suffered and experienced my share of injuries and I know what athletes go through. I want to help people alleviate their wounds and treat their diseases. “the athlete continued.

Although his idea is fixed on these two professions, the athlete does not attribute X to his career. “I have worked all my life to become a football player and I will continue to strive to reach a professional level. With my speed and vision of the game, I will definitely fit better in Europe. Here MLS (Major League Soccer) is the gateway to the pros. I have been learning English for several years now, so playing there or here is a good option. My best friend in the discipline is from Calgary and we speak English. »

Open the door

He wouldn’t say no to MLS football if the opportunity arises, with FC Montreal or elsewhere.

“I would like more in Europe, but I can also practice the physical style of Canada and the USA. Here, body weight predominates, while in Europe they rely more on speed. I believe that speed will allow me to play on one or the other continent. »

“As far as my origins are concerned, the Laurentians have become competitive. Before, clubs from Montreal and Laval looked at us through their fingers. Our caliber has increased and we can compete in every match. It’s promising. »

Axel Marion believes that being seen outside, younger, opened the door for him. “Our succession programs produce many more talented young people. This was personally done during the internship in Spain. We played against the subsidiary FC Madrid. »

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