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For five years now, more and more people have been on the benches of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities (FLSH) at the Catholic University of Lille. Even if classes remain on a human scale, students leaving high school or retraining will find a rich, multidisciplinary education and immerse themselves in a creative and international environment.

The Catholic University of Lille is a large campus on the Vauban district side, which has five faculties, including the faculties of Letters and Human Sciences (FLSH). A university where it is obviously well studied, as it has seen a 100% increase in staff over the last five years.

This is probably explained by the reform of the high school diploma and the emergence of specialties close to the disciplines taught in our courses, we explain FLSH. We mean, for example, Languages, Literature and Foreign Civilizations (LLCE), History-Geo, Geopolitics and Political Science (HGGSP) for the History license or the Humanities, Literature and Philosophy (HLP) for the Modern Literature license.

However, it would be too easy to summarize the attractiveness of this faculty to a single high school reform. So we went directly to ask a question to three students, each of whom studies there at a different level.

Semester Abroad and Creative Campus

Diverse, multidisciplinary licenses, with little promotion (the university limits itself), easier access to professors … For those who are afraid of large auditoriums with 300 people, this inevitably provokes compulsion. FLSH also recorded an 86% success rate in L1 last year for all seven licenses it offers:

  • Modern literature
  • Story
  • Culture and art media
  • Media, culture and communication
  • English foreign languages, literatures and civilizations
  • Applicable foreign languages
  • Psychology

What the students we met eventually convinced was architecture (it looks a bit like Hogwarts, we have to recognize) and the opportunity to spend one or two semesters abroad from L2 (the university is a partner of more than a hundred foreign universities, so you’ll have a choice).

And with the end of the pandemic, life in the area resumed with its events, associations and creative area. It allows students who wish to do so to take part in one of the twenty-five art workshops on offer for € 10 per semester. There’s really everything there: photography (with a real film lab), sculpture, music, theater … And it’s all materialized during the creative night of the creative campus. You will simply not be bored.

If you want to log in or are still hesitant before the additional Parcousup phase, we recommend that you take a look at the FLSH website. As for tuition, there is an online simulator because it is scalable according to your tax revenue and the price is also reduced if you are on a scholarship.

Sponsored article @Faculty of Letters and Humanities of the Catholic University of Lille

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