$ 29.5 million funding to enhance entry to particular education schemes for highschool college students

In order to increase the supply and availability of special education programs (PPPs), the Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, and the Minister of Education and the Minister responsible for the status of women, Mryes Isabelle Charest, announced a total investment of $ 29.5 million.

From the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, the cost of all special education programs in public high schools will be borne by schools, up to a maximum of $ 200. Access to these programs will now be free for more than 60% of participants. Students enrolled in PPPs worth more than $ 200 will benefit from a $ 200 reduction in their total account. All parents of PPP students will benefit from this new measure, except for those for whom the invoice was already free.

This is a new budget measure totaling $ 27.8 million for the 2022-2023 school year. To this amount is added $ 1.7 million, which will be set aside for the purchase of equipment and the improvement of infrastructure for sports and cultural practice, which are also important factors in accessibility.

In addition, to further improve the availability of these programs, the government is initiating work so that each public high school can eventually offer at least one PPP to students who enroll there. The gradual introduction of this addition of options will begin at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year.

“In addition to helping young people develop in the sporting, artistic, scientific, linguistic, cultural or business fields, special education programs support their educational success. However, these programs sometimes have high costs, which is a major barrier to access for some students. We hope that everyone, according to their interests, will have access to it, cultivate their passions and enrich their universe during high school. Today’s announcement will allow more than 60% of students enrolled in these programs to be free, which is very good news. It is a valuable financial support for thousands of parents. »

Jean-François Roberge, Minister of Education

“Physical activity and sport among young people are essential. Allowing more young people to enroll in a specific program or sports study program is a good way to enable them to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but also a decisive factor in motivation and success in education. Today’s announcement, combined with extracurricular activities, will make our Quebec schools places that have never been so conducive to sports and physical activity. I firmly believe that young people and families are winning a big victory today. »

Isabelle CharestMinister of Education and Minister responsible for the status of women

  • Specific educational programs refer to several types of study programs, such as

    • Sports study programs designed to support student athletes identified by their federation in the practice of their sport and the success of their studies in high school;
    • Art study programs aimed at enriching the student’s artistic training on the basis of one or the other of the four art programs offered by the Quebec educational program, namely drama, fine arts, dance and music;
    • International Education Programs (IEPs);
    • various concentrations and various sports, artistic, scientific, linguistic, cultural, business and other profiles that are part of the school’s educational project and as such are approved by the Board of Trustees, which determines the criteria for registration or related fees, if any.

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