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This is an extremely ambitious project that Audran Le Baron, Director of Digital Education at the Ministry of National Education, presented on 19 May in Strasbourg. He spoke at the national Moodle seminar (Moodle is an online learning platform – see Wikipedia – under the free GNU GPL license, integrated into the interdepartmental free software base since 2020) via recorded video. He presented the ongoing work of his report on free container software and shared knowledge of the content.

“Digital shared assets in the purest sense of the word”

In an excerpt on Twitter below, he says of the Eléa project (an e-learning platform originally created by the Academy of Versailles):

“We are in the process of building digital shared assets in the purest sense of the word. I say this because the term ‘digital common land’ can sometimes be a little overused. It’s not there at all. We are building a platform based on free software, to which we will contribute by returning source code whenever it develops with the Moodle community. And this platform will be available to a wide range of teachers who will be able to create their courses, share them, share them with free access, free re-use with free licenses in the game, where each teacher will be able to collect content, retrieve, edit, improve and pass on to the whole community.

But if I had a dream, it would be to build in five years, in five years to build a Wikipedia of educational resources for French programs, where each teacher can reuse the content of others, improve it, donate it to the community. . This is the very definition of digital assets. This is a dream. This is a goal we can set together. ” [NB : ces deux dernières phrases ne sont pas dans l’extrait, mais dans la transcription intégrale]

Interoperability and association

The whole speech by Audran Le Baron was rewritten on Libre à lire (a very useful April page). It specifies in particular:

“It is necessary for me to create an offer around Moodle, which is at the national level. As you know, it is not enough to use the Moodle engine to allow full interoperability of all content, to allow this content to be shared among teachers, in the four corners of the territory, at any time, or to allow sustainability, continuity throughout the professor’s career in accessing these resources as the professor transitions going from one academy to another, suddenly change the platform. So, unless we have a single national instrument, we will have breaks at the same time geographically, temporally or in terms of interoperability.

This is exactly the raison d’être of the IAM program, which began just before the crisis in 2019 and which, in my view, had two main objectives:

• on the one hand, to create a community of Moodle actors, to create this community so that all actors can come together and ultimately enable the democratization of the use of Moodle;

• The second goal is to bring together the resources created by teachers and bring all Moodle-based technology solutions closer together. ”

For the Director of Digital for Education:

“The third message I wanted to convey to you is the absolute necessity that we must work together to build a trajectory of generalization, commitment, national scaling of the Éléa project, whose DNA is a user experience; it’s something I care about very much.

The opening of Éléo will, of course, take place gradually, in a harmonized way, the academic region after the academic region. We will have to work together on a convergence strategy based on your expertise, and it is here that we will need the expertise of all of you during this seminar on technical and organizational rules.

In particular, the list of plug-ins and interoperability formats for receiving external content, support for users – especially teachers – is mentioned.


Full video of Audran Le Baron’s speech

His transcript

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