Warming within the Alps seen from area

Sometimes strong storms marked this summer weekend with difficult and unstable weather everywhere in Switzerland. Damage is limited to uprooted trees, tents or blown roofs. Three people were easily injured in Haut-Valais.

Switzerland has been under a warm, humid and unstable southwestern current for the last few days, MeteoSwiss reports on its blog. On Saturday, the mercury in Valais approached 30 degrees.

Several storm cells crossed the country, especially at night from Saturday to Sunday, then again on Sunday from noon, as various meteorological services suggest. They were accompanied by rain, sometimes intense, gusts of wind, sometimes hail, often lightning.

There are winds in three cases that caused injuries. Two people were slightly injured in Turtmann (VS) when a tent flew off ready for a football tournament. They took them to the hospital for a check-up. A third person was injured as a result of a falling branch at the Brigerbad (VS) campsite.

Record gusts

The city has about forty people injured by falling branches, especially in the campsite. And in the whole of Haut-Valais, firefighters carried out about twenty interventions for rising or partially rising roofs, as well as collapsed scaffolding.

Valais police received at least 400 calls from 12:30 to 16:00 on Sunday, most of them reporting fallen trees on the road, spokesman Stève Léger told Keystone-ATS. “It’s rare, but not exceptional.”

The wind force was exceptional, especially in Vispe, with a maximum of 108.7 km / h, which the city never reached in June from the beginning of the measurements. MeteoSwiss on Sione records shocks at a speed of 71 km / h.

The rain

But it was in Egolzwil (LU) that the meteorological station measured the highest value on the plain this weekend, 132.8 km / h at dawn on Sunday. In less than half an hour, 25.8 liters per square meter fell there, of which 17 l / m2 in just 10 minutes.

The other regions were even wetter: according to MeteoSwiss, it fell in Oberiberg (NW) with a maximum of ten minutes with 22.9 l / m2. It rained almost as much in the same period in Eggersriet (SG) (22.5 l / m2). In Fionnay (VS) more than 10 l / m2 of precipitation fell in 10 minutes.


There were severe hailstorms in many places. MeteoSwiss reported in St. Stephan in the Bernese Oberland about three centimeters hail. Pictures from the meteorological service also showed meadows covered with hail in the canton of St. St. Gallen and the Appenzell region.

Even in central Switzerland, photographs and videos of readers on various news portals show strong hail. In the Valais Alps, the areas of Val de Bagnes and Val d’Hérens were affected. Hail damage is currently unknown.

Love at first sight

Lightning damage is known. This was caused by the fires in the attic in Samnaun (GR) and the roof of the school in Eaux-Vives in Geneva, where it can be taught without further notice from Tuesday.

Meteonews recorded about 23,500 lightning bolts in Switzerland on Sunday. The canton of Bern was hit mainly by more than 3,000 lightning bolts. However, this is far from exceptional. Last year, for example, the meteorological service counted more than twice on June 28.

Authorities south of the Alps issued a danger warning urging residents to stay at home. Danger to life and physical integrity, SRF Meteo announced on Sunday afternoon. In the end, the region was not hit any more than anywhere else, with the most obvious damage in Ticine caused by uprooted trees.

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