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Myes Thu at the Department of French Language and Civilization. Photo: NVCC / CVN

One day I heard the song We Write on TV on the walls. She reminded me of my French high school teacher: Dang Thi Thu, who passed on her love for French to me. Her dedication and dedication to the teaching profession leads to admiration. So I called her to talk to her.

Interview with M.yes With her dedication, Thu left an unforgettable impression on my heart. The teacher and many other women continue to contribute to the development of society. During the outbreak of COVID-19, although Myes Thu is not directly in the front line, she remains an exemplary citizen and continues to fulfill her professional duties. Here is our conversation.

French as fate

In the past, you were a high school student in a French class at the elite Lê Hông Phong Lycée in Nam Dinh (north). Could you share with us the reasons why you chose this language?

There weren’t many options then and I felt strong in foreign languages. Then I tried to enter Lê Hông Phong’s elite high school. French was a new subject for me, but I still decided to choose it. At the end of high school, I wanted to continue studying languages ​​in order to discover the more beauty of French. Besides, I’ve always dreamed of going to France. So I enrolled at the University of Languages ​​and International Studies (under the National University of Hanoi). You could say that French was fatal to me.

I have encountered many problems with understanding and speaking. At first I didn’t speak well, I only understood a few words. So I redoubled my efforts to improve these two skills. Then the difficulties disappeared. I always said to myself:If we persevere, everything will be fine “.

Memorial years

Myes Thu (Wednesday) with her two high school students who won the national award in French.

Photo: NVCC / CVN

You worked at the elite Thai high school Nguyên for almost 20 years. Why are you so attached to French that you retain the desire to learn?

I have been working there since 2003 and a lot has happened. At the beginning I was a young teacher and due to lack of experience I could not pass on all the specifics of French. There were also times when I tried to get students to get excited about the language. I told myself that I should prepare my classes well, find effective teaching methods … I did my best and I do not regret anything.

My students are the biggest motivation for me to help me overcome the challenges, because their efforts to learn French have inspired me a lot at work. Many students who studied French for only two years obtained a DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue française) B2. Good results have also been achieved at national level. For example, Nguyên Lê Minh has won two national awards: a prize for encouragement in the premiere and a second prize in the terminal. Or Nguyên Thu Huong, who has won second prize twice in two years. As a teacher, I will continue to share my love of French with my students in the hopes of training tomorrow’s elite and contributing to the country’s education.

New adjustments

In this time of health crisis, could you share the challenges you have encountered in distance learning and what have you done to adapt to the new changes?

At the beginning of the pandemic, I had many difficulties in teaching: technical problems, little student interaction. In fact, teaching foreign languages ​​always requires direct exchange in order to easily convey the meaning of words. Then, thanks to numerous trainings on the use of new technologies, I got used to this new formula. Unlike traditional courses, online courses always require a lot of investment, attention to detail and a careful selection of teaching methods.

In addition to the sometimes difficult grammar exercises, I added videos, live images, and new interactive games to Kahoot to grab students’ attention. I also try to contact my French friends to communicate online with their students. It is one of the unforgettable experiences of my career. Thanks to this, I was able to improve my technical skills and today teaching and learning is more flexible than before. The application of technology is therefore not only an effective solution during a pandemic, but also opens up new directions for the future.

Could you send a link to your colleagues in the French-speaking community?

Every profession has its difficulties, so we must try to be in line with our original goals. Our participation in the country’s youth education aims to motivate students to succeed in their studies. I also hope that French teachers in Vietnam will always retain a passion for the profession. I recommend young teachers to trust each other more. Be confident because you have many new opportunities. Keep trying and you will succeed. During this period of pandemic, we see many front-line doctors and nurses fighting COVID-19. They need to be away from their families and children. As a teacher, I do everything I can to fulfill my mission. French teachers help students discover the language and cultural diversity of French-speaking countries. This is the direction that leads me in my professional career.

Trinh Hai Long – Chu Thi Thanh Huong / CVN

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