the hospital closes the aftercare service for 4 months as a result of an absence of workers

Numerous retirements, burnouts and accumulated summer holidays led Morez Hospital management to close 30 beds in the follow-up care service by the end of September. A lesser evil to provide local care while waiting to be able to recruit new and valuable carers.

It was scheduled to close on June 1. Finally, it’s time to divide patients and staff, and Morez Hospital’s Aftercare and Rehabilitation Service (SSR) closes this Friday evening, June 3. This service welcomes in particular the geriatric population in general medicine to return to walking to return home or EHPAD.

10 beds out of 30 in the service were closed four months ago due to lack of staff. Establishment “called temporary workers who were very expensive and did not bring any satisfaction”because they could rarely stay longer than two days.

Therefore, a decision was made to close the remaining 20 beds this summer so that current staff can take leave. The biggest recruitment difficulties mainly concern nurses. The situation is the same in almost all of France, but in Haut-Jure, the proximity of Switzerland is driving up wages that a public hospital cannot match.

For Morez Mayor Laurent Petit, the announcement of the closure sounded first a disaster, then “when we have explanations, we relativize“, he admits. The elected representative is relieved that emergency situations are maintained in the same way as care in the EEA.”It’s a wise decision continues. Patients will be shared by Lons, Saint-Claude or Champagnole and we will write a new page in September.“Laurent Petit wants to be sure and has informed the Regional Health Agency, the Jura Sud Hospital Group and its local management of their vigilance in this matter.

The hospital in Morez was recently designated a “local hospital” and, at the request of the management, experts must be involved in the establishment project. At the beginning of the school year, a recruitment campaign is launched to fill all positions in medical schools. And you have to be attractive!

We set up a grant to try to attract future professionals, a kind of scholarshipexplains Denise Largeron, director of Morez Hospital. We will pay this allowance to anyone who undertakes to work in Morez, the third year at the end of nursing training and the second years from September.These people will have 18 to 24 months of service at the hospital in Morez.

Denise Largeron nevertheless insists that she specify that “Morez Hospital is not on the edge of the abyss. Not because we close the service for four months, the hospital is in big trouble, it’s fake! You need to find the right people who know Haut-Jura who can slow down because of their climate. “

Finally, this summer is also recommended for people who turn to the emergency services to call in advance to optimize their arrival and ensure that their doctor can properly welcome and take care of them.

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