The fury begins this Tuesday, June 7, marked by the emergence and boiling in Châlons-en-Champagne

The 33rd edition of Furies starts this Tuesday, June 7, and will last until Saturday, June 11. Audrey Jéhanno, Production Manager, answered our questions.

Practical information

33rd edition of Furies street theater and circus festival.

Where ? in Chalons-en-Champagne.

When ? from Tuesday 7 to Saturday 11 June.

Prices Free with the exception of three performances based on booking, performances La Compagnie la Sensitive, Compagnie Galactik Ensemble and performances P’tit Cirk.

Info Reservations for the three shows listed above on (or on for P’tit Cirk).

Is there an atmosphere, said director Jean-Marie Songy, very special and very specific to the Furies that will rule by the end of the week?

That is all. We find the exuberance of creation that is always tangible. You know, it’s the beginning of the season. It is during this period that the artists’ productions are published, it is the very beginning of the presentation to the public.

Is the Furies coming back this year more than the previous ones?

Furies is a great time to premiere. It has strengthened in recent years. Because we return to our origins and creation: it is our identity and our will. We focus our resources on helping creation. At this point, it is necessary to show very young creations and productions.

“It’s the role of the artistic presence we spread in the city: we try to surprise and be where they don’t expect us to be”

The strength of the artistic line is to take root in current events and reflect on the issues of contemporary artists. We trust artists to turn it into a show.

There is a special excitement that is tangible.

Yes. First of all, I say it here: we trust these artists to show us their long-running projects. And in some of their performances, we will discover them with the public at the same time as they do. That is trust.

For us at Furies, this is the first time we have had performances on buses

The public is lucky, it’s interesting to her. And for some ordinary viewers, the bet is high. They closely watched the resident artists (when creating their works, editor’s note).

It’s a festival that brings together. A different approach to performances, a real loyal audience and creative and promotional work are also important to us.

Are Furies also trying to educate the public in Châlons from an early age?

It is the role of the artistic presence that we spread in the city: we try to surprise and be where they are not waiting for us. We gave Carte Blanche to Garniouze and the Cnac students, who will be working on the buses. It’s fragile and delicate as an intervention because it affects an audience that’s not here, it’s another approach to an artistic presence. Interestingly, Garniouze is a street art company that puts aside its equipment to come and meet young circus performers to meet an audience that is not invited. With what surrounds them, they will work elsewhere than in their discipline. For us at Furies, this is the first time we have had performances on buses.

In this issue, speaking of education, you wanted to mention the show “Rotofil”.

When we talk about theater education, Pleins Compagnie Les Armoires went to work at the residence at Somme-Suippe Agricultural High School to speak to today’s farmers and students and ask them to testify to their vision of their profession. Companies try to be in line with society. And as I told you: we will be able to reach other audiences here as well. Fulfillment occurs during this phase of creation.

And in summary, for those who did not follow well, Furies is therefore…

28 performances, including three concerts, 7 creations for the first time and many creations for 2022, accompanied by the Thumb. And then we have to tell our audiences again that it’s festive, contemplative and laughable, it’s a climax, separate, suspended, for fun, a time to exchange views.

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