SME area A rise of 1.25 million for Lü – Interactive Playground

President Lü – Interactive Playground jumped with joy. Metaphorically.

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Marc Tison

Marc Tison

Quebec, which specializes in technology support for physical activity in primary schools, has just received $ 1.25 million in funding from Fondaction, giving new impetus to its growth.

Through his interactive wall projections, Lü will “transform primary school gyms into immersive educational playgrounds, where children will learn to move and play together,” says Vincent Routhier.

After barely five years of existence – in preschool age – Lü systems are already installed in almost 1,200 schools in 35 countries, including about 100 in Quebec.

Each system suspended from the gym ceiling includes a high-resolution laser projector, a motion detection camera that allows interaction with the projection, a multi-color LED lighting system and an audio system to which a wall computer is added.

The company has designed software that manages equipment and various educational and support applications to support the teacher.

Its catalog contains about sixty fun activities.

Social experience

Example ?

Newton is a small mental computing game. The screen projected on the gym wall is divided into two halves, assigned to two teams of students who must answer a series of arithmetic questions as quickly as possible. Every child throws a ball after the answer, which he thinks is the right one among the possibilities offered by the projection. “We force their brains to work, they count when they move, they have to work together. »

Because it is a joint action.

“There is something fundamentally important in our values,” the president continues. In general, technology isolates people, it is an individual experience with its personal screen. In our vision of creating an immersive group experience for children, it becomes a social experience for them. »

The birth of an idea

Where does the idea come from? “I have a musical background that eventually led me to cinema, then to creating immersive and interactive experiences, for example in museums,” says Vincent Routhier.

He pursued this mission with his previous company when he had two daughters.

Desiring to be actively involved in their education and curious about the world of education, he designed a prototype absorbing environment with interactive projection. In February 2017, he tested his first game at an elementary school in the Quebec region. The children’s reaction shocked him. “We recorded a video that night and had almost 1 million views the next day. By the end of 2017, there were 28 Lü systems in 10 countries. »

In full growth

Lü currently has about 40 employees.

The company partially manufactures and completely assembles its equipment, whose covers and fastening systems have been designed with the support of industrial designers to withstand the impact of soccer balls.

About 95% of sales are made outside Canada, primarily in North America and Europe. Software and games are available in 12 languages.

“We currently have a growth rate of 100%,” notes Vincent Routhier. Every year we double sales, expenses and the number of employees. It is a frantic pace that supports our sales. »

At least for now.

Funding from Fondaction will provide the necessary cushion to deal with the whims and surprises of youth growth.

In Fondaction, this investment opens up its new investment theme, Health and Well-being, which aims to “better respond to the growing social and intergenerational challenges affecting global health.”

A woman takes the handlebars of a Rocky Mountain bike


The cyclist herself, Kate Bond, executive director of the Rocky Mountain bike manufacturer, becomes president and executive director and takes the helm of the company. She’s in action here.

Rocky Mountain’s bike maker Beauceron Raymond Dutil is handing over the rules to his general manager, Kate Bond, who has been in office since 2019. The new president and CEO intends to prioritize relationships with retailers and consumers. . The 43-year-old manager pointed out that women in senior management remain rare in the sports industry. The cyclist herself, previously director of the chlorophyll brand and director of product development, supply and Asian manufacturing at Louis Garneau Sports. Raymond Dutil does not completely leave the company. He continues his commitment as coach Innovation and Executive Chairman of the Board. The transition at the head of Saint-Georges was to take place in two years, but the pandemic added obstacles to the track and pushed the finish line back a year.

The first drag agency in Quebec


Michel Dorion, himself a drag artist, has just founded Productions MIDOR, Quebec’s first agency to manage artists and produce drag shows.

Quebec’s first agency for managing artists and producing drag shows has risen. MIDOR Productions, founded by Michel Dorion, officially opened on May 31. In addition to shows, he manages the presence of tugs in business or private circles and provides advice and professional support to artists. The first artists to join his ranks carry exotic names of circumstances: Adriana, Chouchoune, Ciatha Night, Crystal Starz, Demon LaStrange, Miss Butterfly … and Michel Dorion. Because the president and founder of the agency is a drag artist himself, with 35 years of experience behind the tie … neckline. “I have gained expertise with several corporate and private clients, which has enabled me to live off my art and which I would now like to capitalize on. [au bénéfice] about the career of Quebec traffickers, “he said in a press release.

Groupe Deschênes acquires Crane Supply

New connections in fittings and pipes. May 31 Groupe Deschênes Inc. (GDI) has completed the acquisition of Crane Supply, a division of Crane Canada that specializes in the distribution of pipelines, valves, fittings and pipe fittings. Crane Supply joins the already well-stocked list of the Deschênes Group, which presents itself as the largest Canadian company in its industry. A private family business founded in 1940, the wholesaler-distributor supplies the markets with infrastructure, various specialties in construction mechanics and finally automotive parts. The transaction connects 27 new outlets with the current GDI network in 10 Canadian provinces. Crane Supply becomes 16e Groupe Deschênes business unit. He keeps his name for now and remains under the leadership of his president, Tom Frazer. With the addition of a Crane Supply contingent of 425 employees, GDI now has 229 stores and employs 3,500 people.

100 million

Canada has provided the African Development Bank with $ 100 million to support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in agriculture on the continent. According to the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), African agricultural SMEs produce, process and transport 70% to 90% of food on the continent.

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