Simply two days to find the works of scholars of the College of Chartres Leisure on the Saint-André de Chartres School Church

Were it storms and a desire to avoid the show that convinced many visitors on Saturday, June 4, to an art exhibition organized by the University of Chartres Leisure (UCTL) at Saint Andrew’s College?
Claude Bourseguin, president of the UCTL, does not know the reasons for this success, but he and his colleagues were pleased to attend the event, which brings together the works of hundreds of art students at the university.

Fans could observe 243 works, paintings, drawings, watercolors, photographs, mosaics, modeling and cardboard.

243 works produced by a hundred students

Each beginning artist will carry out five projects during the academic year, of which at least two have been selected by students so that visitors to the exhibition can see them.

“We have to decide, because if we showed the success of all the students, we would have to change places, the college would be too small. »

Claude Bourseguin, President of Chartres University of Leisure (empty)

This choice, which can be compared to a restriction, is not felt by UCTL as such. “It is proof that the level is rising from year to year, the work is getting better and better,” the president explains.

From painting to cardboard

Mauricette is exhibiting three of her paintings by tomorrow. If she is proud of her paintings, she has moved to observe the work of her comrades-in-arms: “We are three groups of twelve, we do not know the work of the other twenty-four painters. It is ridiculous to see that with the same instruction, the result is so different from one person to another. »

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Painting is the art most represented on the walls of a collegiate church, but others have nothing to be ashamed of when their students perform. The carton is visible for the first time. Previously, the teacher was missing or the exhibition was canceled due to Covid. “I organize the courses, but I’ve never seen the result,” says Claude Bourseguin.

Practice. The exhibition of works by students of the University of Chartres Leisure runs lasts until Monday, June 6, including in the Saint-André College Church from 10:00 to 18:30. Free entrance.

Aurelie Chupinová

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