Nanobiotix: New try at inventory market restoration for Nanobiotix, highlighted at ASCO assembly

(BFM Bourse) – The presence of a French nanomedicine specialist at the largest medical congress dedicated to cancer (the annual meeting of the American Society for Clinical Oncology) gives Nanobiotix events a new opportunity to bounce back.

Tens of thousands of participants from around the world, five full days – medical congress record – presentations and exchanges between experts from different specializations (clinicians, radiologists, pathologists, researchers, etc.): the annual ASCO meeting, which takes place every beginning of June in Chicago and is undoubtedly the largest event of its kind. It is also a dissemination of innovation, where biotechnologists have the opportunity to present their solutions and, if possible, convince specialists of their interest in deploying them.

French Nanobiotix, which relies on the physical properties (therefore indifferent to biological variability from one individual to another) of nanoparticles to improve the effectiveness of radiotherapy, announced in May that the ASCO congress committee had retained three presentations of studies conducted on its flagship product NBTXR3. that day led to a 4.5% increase in shares.

Since then, however, the price has fallen by 20% during the month and last week recorded a new low since March 18, 2020. It must be said that Nanobiotix has been undergoing a generally declining trend since the multi-year peak. achieved at the beginning of 2021: at this stage, the action could quite well complete the sixth consecutive quarter of the decline at the end of the month. An exceptional sequence that has never happened since the company’s IPO.

Application for head and neck cancer

On Monday, the stock nevertheless rose 7.39% to 4.94 euros around 11:20 while the congress was in full swing, giving Nanobiotix a new opportunity to highlight its development strategy to integrate a “radio enhancer”. NBTXR3 in the therapeutic management of all solid tumors, regardless of the line of treatment (first intent or subsequent trials) and management modalities. The company (which has already obtained a marketing authorization for soft tissue sarcoma but has decided not to market the product yet) is conducting studies with various cancers, currently focusing on a particularly serious form, head and neck cancer, where there is a therapeutic need extremely important.

Nanobiotix presents new data at ASCO highlighting the potential of NBTXR3 in combination with chemotherapy in the treatment of head and neck and rectal cancer, as well as a poster describing the ongoing pivotal phase 3 study “NANORAY-312”.

These data relate in particular to a phase 1b / 2 (intermediate phase clinical trials) study conducted in Asia by a former partner, PharmaEngine, in 12 people with locally advanced or recurrent squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. These patients received a single intratumoral injection of NBTXR3 prior to low-dose chemoradiation. Preliminary efficacy results showed a disease control rate of 100% (ie, patients saw minimal tumor stabilization), with an overall response rate of 58.3% (percentage of patients whose tumor had shrunk by predefined proportions) according to RECIST 1.1.

Have full access to be used for other indications

In another indication, colorectal cancer (the third most common indication in the world and the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States), patients received neoadjuvant treatment with NBTXR3 in combination with chemoradiotherapy followed by surgery in 32 patients with locally advanced or unresectable cancer. Of the 31 patients in whom the effect of treatment could be assessed, preliminary efficacy results showed a disease control rate of 100%, with an overall response rate of 35.5%. A decrease in tumor was observed in 14 of 31 patients after treatment, 25 of 31 patients underwent surgery and 96% had a surgical excision “R0”, ie the whole tumor could be removed (excision in “healthy margins”). A complete pathological response was then observed in 20% of operated patients.

“Together with the clinical data already obtained with radiotherapy-activated NBTXR3 and in combination with anti-PD-1, the new chemotherapy combination data presented at ASCO contribute to the prospect of integrating NBTXR3 into the management of the overall therapeutic burden of cancer. While we continue to prioritize our ongoing pivotal phase III study in frail elderly patients with locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck, our goal is to develop a comprehensive approach to this cancer that will serve as a model for our radioactive enhancer in other indications, ”Laurent emphasized. Levy, founder and president of Nanobiotix.

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