Montpellier: the primary steps of the Faculty of Geriatrics and Gerontology on the School of Drugs

Launched on Wednesday 1 June by the University of Montpellier, this unique training facility in France will offer at least 18 training courses (including two masters and 9 DUs) from the beginning of next school year, accessible to nurses and social workers. workers and carers.

The aging of the population and its necessary consequences, which are the progressive loss of autonomy and various degenerations (neurological, auditory, visual, etc.), require trained professionals. Especially when we know that the number of people with a loss of autonomy is expected to increase from 1.6 million in 2030 to more than 2.4 million in 2060.

Consequently, there is a need to offer diversified training to students and professionals in the gerontology sector. “The needs of professionals in the old age professions are very fragile. We currently have a shortage of staff at home and in facilities,” said Professor Claude Jeandel, head of the geriatric center at CHJ and headmaster.

The first in France

Therefore, this school of geriatrics and gerontology of the Faculty of Medicine was officially inaugurated this evening. For the first time in France for a facility that takes over the gerontological training service. The school, which is installed on the historic site of the faculty, is geographically spread to Nîmes. “His goal is to create an education system that meets his personal needs as well as the needs of management.”

The four poles form the backbone, just like education. The first is aimed at professionals in the health and medical and social sectors. The second is intended for doctors and medical students in initial or continuing education. The last two poles concern relatives of elderly people with a loss of autonomy and the patients themselves. A total of 18 courses will be offered (including two master’s and nine university diplomas).

“School welcomes nurses, social workers, carers”

Professor Jeandel, who also chairs the National Council for Geriatrics, explains that this new school “clearly benefits from a somewhat original teaching offer. Especially with distance learning in e-learning, which affects students from all over France.

This is thanks to a special platform set up in 2014. “Since then, we have trained 500 master’s students who hold management and coordination positions.” In addition, Professor Jeandel shines light on the students’ profile. “The school welcomes nurses as well as social workers, carers. The administration is not forgotten either. The master’s degree, for example, allows nurses to hold management positions.”

All this especially with an innovative workshop: simulation of pathologies associated with aging. Students will be equipped with accessories that will allow them to experience both narrowing of field of vision, as well as hearing loss, muscle stiffness, reduced dexterity … In other words, ultimately the possibility of a real and refined perception of difficulties. associated with old age.

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