Monetary alerts – Legendary Mercedes 300 SLR coupe explodes on cabinets – CMA CGM and Air France change recreation

Finance warns of private equity and Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, announces the arrival of a hurricane with the US Federal Reserve.

The above-mentioned coupe Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR “Uhlenhaut” from 1955 was sold at a private auction for a colossal amount of 135,000,000 euros.

Ecological information that went unnoticed, but which concerns two typical French companies. The two main airlines and shipping companies. The result will be a capacity and network sharing partnership and the entry of CMA CGM into the capital of the Air-France KLM group up to 9%.

from statements that make noise in the financial sector

Yes, and I’m starting with Vincent Mortier’s CIO from Amundi, a great European asset manager.

According to Reuters, he said: “The private equity sector has turned into a pyramid scheme that will make sacrifices in three to five years.” For him, the transactions are carried out at exaggerated valuations and private equity companies are present on both sides of the transactions. “In some parts, the private capital market may look like a Ponzi scheme.” “You can see that the vast majority of transactions today take place between private investment companies. A private equity firm sells another that is happy to pay a high price because it has attracted a lot of investors. “Most transactions go this way.” MMortier said that private equity firms with large amounts of cash from investors have an “unused interest” and “you know you can sell your stake to another private equity firm for 20-30 times future profits.” Although there are opportunities involving serious private equity firms, he said hasty deals carry risks. “There is no market price, but that does not mean there is no risk or loss,” Mortier said.. “We will have losses, but they will not be visible for three, four or five years.” Thus, such a declaration will not forget to respond to the ecosystem of Private Equity, a capital investment that has taken on a much more important place in recent years and drives the activities of mergers and acquisitions.

Another statement this time did not go unnoticed on Wall Street

Yes, and it’s Wall Street star Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, one of the largest investment banks. He told analysts and investors that he thought the Fed’s response and the war in Ukraine would have a catastrophic impact on the economy. “You know, I said there were dark clouds before, but I’ll change my analysis … it’s a hurricane,” he said.claimed at a financial conference in New York and informed the CNBC. He acknowledges that conditions are currently more or less favorable, but may quickly turn into a “sand-type” hurricane (a hurricane that led to the evacuation of 350,000 people in New York in 2012). “Better get ready,” he warned him. “JP Morgan is preparing and we will be very conservative with our balance sheet. » It’s pretty sunny right now, things are going well, everyone thinks the Fed can do it. But this hurricane is right there, down the road, “Dimon warned. “He’s coming for us.” In addition to rates, Dimona is concerned about a reduction in the Fed’s balance sheet or a quantitative tightening to $ 95 billion this month. “We’ve never seen such quantitative easing before, so we’re looking at something that could be written in history books for 50 years,” said Mr Dimon, who then thought the negative rates were a “terrible mistake”. Another major factor that worries Dimona is the war in Ukraine and its impact on raw materials, especially food and fuel. JP Morgan CEO sees the price per barrel rising between $ 150 and $ 175.

So these are strong statements, they are not the first on Wall Street, but they have undoubtedly come to add another color to the atmosphere.

Speaking of numbers, a record in a classic car.

Yes, even though we are talking about reducing the Fed’s balance sheet, the money available is still trying to find investment ideas. The story, which begins when testing at the Nürburgring in 1955, the legendary Formula 1 champion Juan Manuel Fangio thought that his Mercedes was not set up correctly. Rudolf Uhlenhaut – a respected Mercedes-Benz engineer at the time – decided to try it on his own. Equipped with a suit and tie, the Anglo-German simply got into the car and tested himself in the dreaded Green Hell. He was three seconds faster than Fangio around ‘Ring. Fangio is a five-time F1 world champion. His comment after the test? That Fangio – Fangio – should “train”. ! This anecdote partly explains why Rudy’s former company car, one of only two ever made, became the most expensive car sold. The above-mentioned coupe Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR “Uhlenhaut” from 1955 was sold at a private auction for a colossal amount of 135,000,000 euros. Owned by Mercedes-Benz since 1955, the winning bid came from a private collector who had just indulged in not only one of the most beautiful cars ever made, but also one of the “great gems in the history of the automobile.” RM Sotheby’s organized a private sale at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, where SLR rested, only with selected Merco customers and international car collectors were part of a very exclusive audience. Proceeds from the sale will help set up the Merc Fund for scholarships and research in environmental and decarbonisation for young people. The car of 2022 is still a dream, in any case for this universe, which is not very accessible, except for museums of collection vehicles, when rich owners want it.

And then the environmental information, which went unnoticed, but which concerns two typical French companies

Yes, this concerns the two major airlines and shipping companies. The result will be a capacity and network sharing partnership and the entry of CMA CGM into the capital of the Air-France KLM group up to 9%. The third largest container ship owner in the world would then become the fourth shareholder of tricolor, which is currently being recapitalized. So this is a new alliance of air and sea. CMA CGM within Air France would become the fourth largest shareholder after the French state (28.6%), China Eastern Airlines (9.6%), the Dutch state (9.3%) and ahead of the American Delta Airlines (5.8%) ). This long-term strategic agreement (ten years) aims to connect their networks and the capabilities of their full-cargo aircraft.

Companies that are not in the same financial situation

In fact, the two groups have not just gone through an economic and transport crisis with the same result. The content I had the opportunity to say here had a historical claim. For CMA CGM, operating profit tripled compared to 2021 and turnover + 78%. Performance first associated with a costly rate that exploded. It does not owe its performance to the volume transported, which has been holding back critical congestion in the world’s ports for almost two years, but to transport rates that have climbed to a level the sector has never experienced before. As regards Air France-KLM, after being forced to leave its aircraft due to health restrictions, it had to strengthen its own capital again. “Thanks to our participation in its capital, Air France-KLM will be able to count on us to support it in its future development,” says Rodolphe Saadé, CEO of CMA CGM. The basic idea of ​​this operation is to invest in all links in the supply chain, ie in end-to-end logistics. Continuing the sector in full transformation.

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